When Opportunity Knocks, the Lwa are Working . . .

When we start connecting with the Mysteries, either as the client of a spiritual

worker or in our own personal service, amazing things happen. Life is changed

for the better as the Spirits get to work on our problems, and people will often

find that long-term obstacles preventing them from moving forward in life

have been cleared.

The Lwa are true miracle-workers. Things that seemed unobtainable in the

past become possible under their guidance, though perhaps not via the route

that was expected (Spirit moves in mysterious ways). Most people who have

been working with the Lwa for some time will have stories to tell you, and I

personally would not be here if it were not the Spirits that walk with me under

the light of God, gracias a la misericordia!

That said, the spiritual world is never going to hand everything over to you on a


Some people are confused these days. They expect everything to be given

quickly and freely with no work on their part. They demand a miracle, yet

invest nothing. I’m not only talking about money. I’m talking about effort, time,

dedication, even things like personal presentation and self-improvement.

Spiritual work does not negate the requirement for any of the above.

Put as simply as possible: if you don’t give, you won’t receive, and if you’re not

open to change, change cannot happen in your life (and if it does come, it

won’t last).

Our work as spiritual people is called work – travay in Haiti, trabajo in the DR –

for a reason. Whether you are the client of a spiritual worker or a child of the

Mysteries, you cannot expect opportunity to simply fall in your lap without

investing anything yourself. In fact, the more work you put in, the more you

will get out.

Let me give you an example. Let’s say you are searching for a job, and you

approach Papa Kouzen (a Mystery well known for finding people work), and

you have done what needs to be done to invoke his aid. Is the work now over?

Of course not! Papa Kouzen will send you the opportunities you desire, but if

you do not grasp them with both hands, you will never get that job. You still

have to send in the application forms, you still have to make an effort during

your interview. Approached in the correct manner, Papa Kouzen will certainly

help you, but you will not simply wake up one day to find yourself employed.

You have to do the paperwork.

Here is another example. Let’s say you have employed a spiritual worker to

help you find a romantic partner. During the initial consultation (and this is

why an initial consultation is so important!) the Spirits have identified that you,

yourself, are the cause of some of the blockages to your love life and that

there are certain things that you must do to clear them. You cannot then

expect to find a partner without doing that work on yourself. The Mysteries

may send Mr or Mrs Right straight over to you, but if you are standing with

your back to them, arms crossed you cannot expect to find a date any time


As a Lwa once told me, “I’m a saint, but even I’m not a saint.” None of us is

perfect and we all have issues we need to address. We also all have something

called freedom of choice. This means we have the opportunity in life to take or

leave our chances as they come. We can certainly ask the Mysteries for advice

on which road to take, and we can also ask them for help getting to our chosen

destination. But we are the ones who walk the road, our actions (and

inactions) are no one’s responsibility but our own, and we cannot blame

anyone but ourselves if the journey’s end is not to our liking.

The Spirits are patient, but they are only going to send an opportunity so many

times. If you have asked the Lwa for help, keep your eyes open, and don’t

reject it when it comes. And if you do choose to reject it, don’t complain when

you don’t get what you want.

Yes, miracles happen. But opportunity knocks.

Annual Anaisa Pye Ceremony

JULY 25TH, 2015 @ 3PM

This year is no different, just as every other year, we are excited to announce and give the annual Anaisa Ceremony in honor of the Special Mystery of Love, Joy, Gold and Seduction!  For those of you who don’t already know, Anaisa is the Patroness of our Temple and we all owe her so much!  She is known for her swiftness in assisting those who are devoted to her and her children, for her extremely powerful psychic abilities, and naturally for her powers to induce love and seduce!

As we do every year, we will also be honoring her best friend, Saint Martha the Dominatrix.  She who helps us dominate lovers as well as enemies, friends and foes, alike, this powerful Mystery is well known all over the world for her miracles and her powers.

If you would like to attend the ceremony, we are located in Berlin, NJ.  Please contact us at help@greatestspells.com  and Soley, my Godson, can give you the details.  Please be aware, we are limited to the number of people that can attend due to space constraints.  Also be aware that there will be a required donation to attend, which will go towards covering the costs of the ceremony.

Many ask me how they can be a part of the ceremony even if they can not attend.  We are always happy to make offerings and give gifts to the Lwa on your behalf.  You make a donation and we can do that for you.  You can make a donation  here:


If you owe an offering or gift to either of these two beautiful spirits, now is the time to make sure you have paid off your debts with them.    Ensure that they are willing to help you and work with you in the future.

Lastly, many individuals often ask — Papa, I can’t afford your help, how can I get help from the Spirits still? . . . Here is your answer and solution.  Make an offering to the Spirit, although it won’t be the same as having a spell or ritual done, the Spirits recognize a good heart of faith, hope and charity and are often willing to help as long as we show a sign of our good faith, by making an offering or sacrifice of some sort!

Until Next Time,

Keep the Faith,

Papa Hector

April 19th- Feast of St. Expedite

St. Expedite!

papa gede gede limbo guede las 21 divisiones sanse sance


A powerful well known Saint and intercessor.  There is a special place in my heart for St. Expedite.  He has always been of great assistance to me in my life, the lives of my Godchildren and my clients.  He is swift to assist one in life, and easy to keep happy so long as you keep your word.

We also know him as Papa Gede Limbo, and he is a powerful leader over the dead in the Cemetery.  He is one of my special patrons. . . and I could go into tons of stories of how many times he has assisted me.

He has saved me from fire, has helped me increase business, has protected me and my family members from car accidents, and always warns us whenever there is danger.  He is a great protector and overseer.

Not sure if you missed it, but his special feast day was April 19th.  I almost missed it myself!

But he made sure to remind me.  And I am happy I didn’t miss it!  I make sure to take care of him yearly on this date, as well as during Fete Gede that we hold annually.  This year is no different.

I gave him his flowers, his candle, his cake and his coffee and of course, his cigarettes.  St. Expedite is a very understanding and easy to deal with Spirit, he loves to help!.  But like most, he helps his friends most readily.

So if St. Expedite has helped you at all, or if you need his help, give him his candle and his drink.  I am sure he will be there for you just as he has for me.

The following prayer is a special one to me that I use to call upon St. Expedite, enjoy:


Saint Expedite, you lay in rest.
I come to you and ask that
this wish be granted.

(State your request)

Expedite now what I ask of you.
Expedite now what I want of you,
this very second.
Don’t waste another day.
Give me what I ask for.
I know your power,
I know you because of your work.
I know you can do it.
Do this for me and I’ll
spread your name with love and honor
and cause your name to be invoked.
Expedite this wish with speed, love,
honor, and goodness.
Glory to you, Saint Expedite!




Envy Jealousy and Malice

Spirits of Envy, Jealousy and Malice are everywhere unfortunately.  Learn how to keep them away and look for warning signs.  In this video, My Goddaughter Mambo Sandy speaks about these spirits and how they try to use people, Enjoy



White Table Mass/ Misa Espiritual – April 11th

On April 11th 2015, our temple will be hosting a Misa Espiritual, White table service/mass, and you are welcome to come join us.

During a Misa Espiritual, Mediums communicate messages from Spirit Guides and ancestors to people in the congregation.  They help people resolve their issues, get guidance and spiritual healing.  If you’ve never been to a spiritual ceremony, this is a good introduction to the Spiritual world.   For those who practice American Spiritualism, it is very similar to what is known as a Message Service.

Email Soley at help@greatestspells.com  for time, location and further information.  Seating is limited to first come, first serve basis.


Hope to see you there,


Papa Hector


My Goddaughter introducing the new Coaching Program:



The Asson in Vodou: Respect or Nah?

Papa Hector discusses common occurrences that are happening which show a lack of Respect to the Vodou tradition and the Asson.