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Vodou, Voodoo, Sanse, 21 Divisiones Blog By Papa Hector Salva

Vodou & Sanse Priest, Mentor, Spiritual Guide and Teacher

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15 Years of Fet Gede

15 Years of Gede   So we had a great Fet Gede this past weekend, it was mystical, magical and connected  I was also blessed to have tons of family and friends that came from all over the globe to participate with us. Before the ceremony, I had a realization. This Fet...

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I Danced With My Husband Today . . .

Dancing is one of the most powerful ways to channel power . . . . Vodouisants know the power and sacredness of the Dance . . . . and so it is featured in all of our ceremonies. Right now, we are celebrating the dance between the Living and the Dead with our beloved...

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Fet Gede 2017

November is the month we celebrate The Ghedes. In honor of them on Nov 11th we will be having a Huge celebration for them popularly known as Fet Ghede. The Gede and this Group of Spirits is very important in the Spiritual Traditions, Vodou, Sanse and 21 Divisiones.  ...

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Sad Truth about Spiritual Workers Today 

Sad Truth about Spiritual Workers Today        Spiritual workers today are very different than they were many years ago. The sad truth about spiritual workers today is that more than 95% of them are less than suitable for doing spiritual work for anyone. 95% plus have...

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