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St. Isidore

Azaka, Patron Of Work


May is the month of Kouzen Zaka. Kouzen Zaka is the patron of work. He is associated with the image of St. Isidore. In Haitian Vodou, Kouzen is considered a peasent farmer. His abilitiy to work non stop is well known and for that he is highly regarded. . . . . .

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He is often approached to protect and safeguard one’s job, to obtain employment, and to protect farms and farm animals.

In Haiti, it is not rare for an individual to have a Houngan/Mambo come out onto their farm and bless it. Houngans and Mambos will also work with him to protect the individuals farm.
Kouzen is well known for his despise of theives. He is a great Lwa to safeguard the crops against any thievery.

Kouzen is a Lwa that loves to work! He works from sun up to sun down without a break. Kouzen also works for very little in return, though sooner or later Kouzen does like to be treated to a grand feast.

Kouzen has a wife, known to Vodouisants as Kouzin. She is a very successful market woman. She sells the crops which her husband harvests. Together they lead the nation of Djouba and also hold together a very large family of Spirits.

There are many other Zakas, most well known being : Ti Zaka, Azaka Mede, Minis Zaka, Azaka Krebs

If Kouzen is in your spiritual court, you should make an effort to serve him well this month.

This month in the blog we will be discussing the Mysteries of Kouzen, Stay Tuned to learn more about the Patron of Work

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