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In Haitian Vodou, Danbala is the Holy of Holies. He is the tabernacle. This is the reason why Danbala is the most sacred of all the Lwa.   He is a divine Mystery that can be approached by anyone yet few are given access to his inner mysteries.

He comes in the form of the great serpent.  Those who have Danbala often dream of him and many have a deathly fear of snakes.   If you are Danbala’s child, you should pay special attention on his day and give him a special service.

He bestows wisdom and peace.  With these two things, anything can be achieved.  He is a very patient Lwa.  He is the father of all the Lwa.  In Vodou, March 17th is his feast day.  St. Patrick is the most commonly associated image with Danbala.

Older lineages, such as Gade Nou Leve, use Moses to represent Danbala Wedo.   His feast though is still celebrated on the 17th of March.  This is because the Catholic church does not consider Moses a Saint, thus he has no feast day.

Due to the above, it is said all Vodouisants must serve Danbala to a certain extent.  Greater homage and service is expected of initiates on his holy day.  But if you are a Vodouisant, who is not his child or initiated, you can do the following:

On Danbala’s day dress in white.  Put a white banner (piece of cloth) inside your home.  Make sure your home is spotless.  Then clean it out with Frankincense.  At 7 pm, light a small white candle.  Pray the Our Father, Hail Mary, The Creed three times.  Then talk with Danbala Wedo, the Great Serpent.

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