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Today is the feast of all the Gede Spirits. The Gede Lwa and Misterios are very important because they represent Death and all it’s different components.  Since we all, as humans, have to meet death sooner or later, we all have a varying degree of a connection with the Gedes to some extent or another.  The Black Division is a huge family, and in this article, I will be covering some of the lesser known family members of this beautiful Division.

Please realize that different lineages and people do use different Saints to represent the different Misterios.  It does not make one superior to another, simply different.  Below is the way as I was taught and practice within my lineage.

baron del cementerio las 21 divisiones sanse sance

St. Elijah, or San Elias, known as Baron Del Cementerio and Leader of the Black Division

On this all Souls day, we celebrate all the Misterios of the Black Division.  In Sanse and Las 21 Divisiones, The Black Division is the division of the Cemetery and is led by San Elias or Baron Del Cementerio.  Along with his wife, La Barona or La Baronesa, he rules over the Cemetery.

His first son, Gede Limbo Lakwa is his right hand and assists Baron in many of his works.  Gede Limbo Lakwa is represented by St. Expedite.   St. Martha or Filomena Lubana, is known by some as his daughter and by others as his concubine.

baron de la cruz las 21 divisiones sanse sance voodoo espiritismo

St. Alex or San Alejo is Baron De La Cruz

St. Alex, or San Alejo in Spanish, is known as Baron De La Cruz.  He assists us in removing crosses or curses from individuals, to help remove bothersome individuals, and also to open up gates to new opportunities.  Baron de La Cruz is also well known for his ability to remove negative energy from within a Home.


gedecito in las 21 divisiones, la 21 division, sanse, sance

Our Child of Atocha or Gedecito


Guedecito, or Our Child of Atocha, is the child of the Cemetary.  He comes in the form of a small boy and is known for his mischief making.  But he is also a well recognized and highly followed Saint.  He assists with attaining money, success and luck.  He is also petitioned to help a business.    He is well known for his ability to heal the sick and help the poor.  He is the special protector of children.  In some areas, they use this Saint to represent a different Misterio.

Prin Gede las 21 divisiones sanse sance

St. Raymond or Prin Gede

Another well known Misterio within the Black Division is Prin Gede.  Prin Gede is known for protecting expectant mothers, assisting them during labor and to have a safe and easy delivery.  He is also petitioned when difficulties arise due to gossip and there is a need to stop gossip.  He is known for his quick ability to stop those who are telling lies.  Prin Gede is seen in the image of St. Raymond or San Ramon.   He also assist those who have been falsely accused.


gede kafou las 21 divisiones sanse sance

St. Martin of Porres also known as Gede Kafou and Gede de las Calles


Gede Kafou, or Gede de Las Calles, is represented by St. Martin de Porres.  He works with a broom and a candle to remove negativity and negative energy wherever he goes.  He is known for his ability to remove negativity from us and our environments.  He is also petitioned when we have people around us who we would like to be set free from.  He is known for his special ability to make sure that those who are devoted to him are never left hungry.  Gede Kafou or Gede De Las Calles can also be called upon when one is expierencing many financial difficulties, debts and poverty.

Gede Kafou is a healer as well.  And hospitals are a special place for him.  He is also known for his special love of animals.   His feast day is November 3rd and he also has a special connection with St. Rose of Lima.   He is also known to be able to assist those having marital difficulty resolve their problems and focus on their love rather than their problems.

Stay tuned for more of the Misterios of the Black Division . . . . .


Papa Hector






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