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St Jude in sanse, sance, las 21 divisiones

St Jude is a powerful ally and a powerful Misterio.  He is known for his many abilities and many forms and is a popular Misterio within Sanse and Las 21 Divisiones.    He is known as the patron of desparate causes.  He is able to assist in even the worst looking of cases and scenarios.   He is also known as a powerful dominator and can help those who are devoted to him dominate and win in any situation.   Many come to St. Jude when they also need to be rid of some negative energy, spirit or ghost.

Being as popular as he is, he is known in various forms or can be used to represent many different Misterios.  Thus he has many  paths, in which he is worked with.    St. Jude is popular in many areas and all over the world and is known as the patron of Impossible cases.

las 21 divisiones sanse sance san judas

In Sanse, he is most commonly known to us as Polizon Fronte, although he can be worked with under different puntos.  As Polizon Fronte, he is the head of the police and those that in the mortal life work for justice.     He is a powerful protector and helps those who work with him to achieve all sorts of goals.  We also work with Polizon to help people attain employment or get a job quickly.

Polizon is also known for his quick help when it comes to court cases.  He can assist those defendants that are innocent of any wrongdoing.  He can also assist those who are in lawsuits or prosecuting another to gain favor and win their cases.  He is a powerful force that is often called upon to assist one’s legal team to lead to success.

Polizon may work in various divisions, though very commonly one will find him working with the Division of Belcanes with his compadre, Belie Belcan.

In Las 21 Divisiones, he can also be seen as Polizon, although he may also work through his other path known as Tabu.  Tabu assists people in love issues and also in cases dealing with the courts.  We use the Tabu essence when working with him. Tabu is a Misterio of the Petro division.

In both Las 21 Divisiones and Sanse, and I have even seen in Haiti, some people work with St. Jude as Gran Bwa.  This is understandable.  And in this punto, St. Jude gives powerful protections to people seeking protection from enemies.  St. Jude is also able to help with fertility and issues dealing with male sexuality or sexual disorders.

In my lineage of Sanse, we also work with St. Jude under a punto which comes from the Ogounes.  And in that case, St. Jude is a particular and special Ogoun that we work with when it comes to difficult court battles, situations with enemies, and situations in which the help of a powerful warrior is needed.

St. Jude can also be called upon in various other puntos, but I do not want to add to much and confuse you.

His colors are green, brown, red and white. Though the main color we work with for him is Green.  People usually burn a green 7 day candle when asking for his intercession.

Many people pray the Novena to St. Jude when undergoing a difficulty.  I will be posting his novena for all of you soon.


Papa Hector


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