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and How they are all a reality and relate to each other



and How they are all a reality and relate to each other


Hello everyone, it’s me, Papa Hector. So my family recently took me to go see a movie as a gift. The movie is called the Conjuring 2. And I like movies like this, I’m a movie person, I like to watch movies, but do I believe that such exists and such things can happen? To some extent, yes. So that’s what I actually wanna cover in this video…evil spirits. I just wanna give a little touch upon it.


So, do evil spirits exist? Yes, they do. Do demons exist? Yes, they do. Do false guides exist? Yes, they do. Do evil dead exist? Yes, they do. Can they harm you in ways that they show to harm people in the movie? Yes, they can. Can they harm people in many other ways? Yes, they can. Does it happen? Yes, it does. Does it happen all the time? More often than you think.


So, naturally, because you’re watching a movie, they’re gonna dramatize and to some extent exaggerate things that are along the plot line. You have to make it more fantastical because it’s a movie! But many things happen and do happen that are similar and that do happen that are very close to the same thing even if not exactly the same thing as what happened to individuals there.


And is it true that demons or negative spirits can latch on to individuals? Yes, it is. And there’s a variety of reasons and causes and ways that demons make their way into the body and connect with the body and slowly infest the body. So, that’s something that can happen and does happen all the time, and there’s many symptoms of infestation, and I have seen, witnessed, helped, removed, gotten rid of many such infestations and worse.


So, these are just some of the things that I wanna say about that. And I wanna tell you that if you’ve never experienced evil spirits like this, then it’s kind of hard to believe. And there’s things that I’ve seen and if I told you and you’d never experienced it, then it’s gonna be even harder for you to believe. You’re gonna think I’m cray cray, you’re gonna think I’m crazy or something. So I’m not going to…But there’s many things that if I told you and you had experienced any real demon or negative spirit infestation, you would be like yeah, you would totally believe me, you would totally understand, you would have probably have gone through many of the same things yourself. And that is the power of these things.


Many times…I have many people who came to have these spirits removed and we remove them all the time, and…when they first come in they tell me that a) I never really believed in demons, or b) I didn’t believe in spirits, ghosts, demons, any of that type of thing, c) I’m very religiously devout – yes, they do attach themselves to people who are very devout religiously, whatever way – I’m a very religiously devout person, or, you know, I’m a very good Christian, Muslim, etc; and once they experienced it, they came to really believe and know that this world is really real.


Just like the physical world you have good characters and bad characters, so in the spiritual world you have good characters and bad characters. And unfortunately it’s much more easy to get into the group of the bad characters and line up with the bad characters than it is to get in line and group up with the good ones. So it’s the same thing in the spiritual world, and many people who have actually had a demonic attachment, infestation, things of this nature, when they tell you they sound like they’re totally crazy because of what has happened to them. But many of these things do go on and it’s very true.


I’ve seen, you know, all sorts of things that go on with people who are suffering through a demonic or an evil spirit that’s been attached or infested in them, and many people who have gone all over the world to get such demons or evil spirits removed from them and have been unable to and we’ve been able to remove those spirits, clear them of those spirits, get them protected, close off those portals and those doors for them, so I’m really happy about that. And it really does change someone’s life either way – from when you go from being totally clear to first getting the infestation, to being infested and then becoming clear again – each one really throws your world for a 360, really turns your world all the way around.


So, that’s what I wanna say about evil spirits, the movie, and if you’re into movies like that…it wasn’t that scary to me, but that’s because, you know, I know about these things, but other people that I know have seen it who don’t find most movies scary said that they found it pretty scary. So, they say that it’s based on a true account, a true story, and I don’t doubt it and it wasn’t a bad movie. So that’s my little review on that movie and at the same time getting to talk to you about evil spirits and demons and such.


So, until next time

keep the faith,

Papa Hector signing off.

God bless.


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