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On Saturday, March 25th, we did a very powerful ceremony to break the chains of confinement, entrapment and isolation from many individuals. It was an exciting time and a very powerful magical experience.  Ezili Danto, Queen of the Petro spirits, broke the chains of entrapment for 9 people and people are already noticing and getting very favorable results.

One individual had already reported being able to finally get a raise that had been promised her over 2 years ago

One guy who took advantage of this amazing opportunity has emailed a thank you letter to Danto for making a huge breakthrough in a court case

Another person reported his enemy moving away only two days after the ceremony

I can’t wait to hear about all the other great results to come for all our other participants. . .

So the candles have finally burned out and I am putting the finishing touches on the powerful magic that Ezili Danto did for 9 people to be sent out to them. . . . so that they can experience the beauty of total Freedom to the Max!

And I wanted to share some pics with all of you, especially those of you who took a step towards Freedom, Liberation and Success in Your Lives.


Keep the Faith

Papa Hector


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