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St. Expedite Ceremonial Table with Magic

St. Expedites Ceremonial Table with Magic

st expedite magic


St Expedite received a beautiful, intricate and lavish Feast this past weekend and many individuals got their chance to get the opportunity to receive his blessings and assistance.

I wanted to share some pictures of the ceremony table and the magical spells and work that was done.
St Expedite’s presence radiated from his actual feast day and peaked during the ceremony with trembling force.  A sudden strong and powerful lightning storm came suddenly crashing, showing the natural phenomena that occurs and corresponds to confirm speedy and effective changes.
His current is swift and moves like the breeze, is like a flash of a lightning, and the beauty that is felt during the beginning of an intense, sudden and enlivening storm.
Thank you St Expedite!
To all those who took part of our candle burning or magical work during this ceremony, you will be receiving further instructions from me via email shortly.
Until Next Time,
Keep the Faith,
Papa Hector
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