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Feray's Ceremonial Table

“It’s okay to be angry but be angry with the right person  . . . And make that anger benefit you by becoming action “~ Ogou Feray ~ Vodou Ceremony 2017

These were some of the powerfu words of deepl healing that came through during our Ogou Feray Ceremony . . . .
The ceremony and the set up was absolutely amazing.  Garlands of jasmines, marigolds and roses adorned the entire sacred space.  The main altar as well as the ceremonial table were decked out in fine red cloth and candles.  The Veve sparkled and glowed with intensity.
This was a special ceremony as not only did we do some fiery powerful magic, but also one of our Temple’s Mambos organized and set up this ceremony to join forces with Papa Ogou through the incredible ceremony of the  Mystical Marriage.
 Ogou Feray Cake
Some people had the chance to get to take advantage of the overwhelmingly strong forces of Papa Ogou in their lives by participating in the Warrior Ceremony.  Through this powerful Magic, Papa Ogou was sent to assist the lives of many people who are dealing with all sorts of battles and confusion in their lives.
During this ceremony, Papa Ogou advised and counseled a couple, helping their relationship and bonds to grow stronger than ever before.  Through the healing wisdom of Ogou Feray their relationship saw immediate improvements.  Citing stronger passion, more connected-ness and tranquility between them directly after the ceremony.
One of the participants visited me on Monday after the ceremony and told me all about how Papa had already begun to work for her
Although she was unable to make it to the ceremon,y she was astonished by the fact that Papa Ogou had, that very night,  made sure to give her the very same message via an  “epiphany ” about her anger.  Papa Ogou made sure that he got his message accross.
Aside from that, Papa Ogou had also made one of her enemies call her the day after the ceremony, after not having spoken with this person in a long long time, and the enemy made peace with her!
Because after the war, always comes peace…
Keep the Faith,
Papa Hector
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