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Sad Truth about Spiritual Workers Today 




Spiritual workers today are very different than they were many years ago. The sad truth about spiritual workers today is that more than 95% of them are less than suitable for doing spiritual work for anyone. 95% plus have received less training than is needed to do any real help and often cause more damage than good when claiming to help individuals.

Unfortunately the initiation into spiritual traditions, which used to be a marker of being ready for spiritual work, are being purchased like buying a McDonald’s fries. Which means that outside of having the proper fee or finances, there is no real need for individuals to have spiritual talent or ability or have been able to develop that ability before they are providing “spiritual services and help.”

Unlike many other temples, I require all those who work under me or who are my students, apprentices or initiates to go through very extensive training before undergoing any initiation. In fact, the training to be able to undergo the first level initiation takes about a six months to a year before initiation could even be requested.

Due to the lack of a true calling, many individuals seeking initiation when they are faced with my requirements of having real training, often are unwilling to undergo this path with me, and thus seek initiation elsewhere. They’d rather go somewhere where they can just purchase an initiation, which will do very little if anything for them, often causing more harm than good. But being driven by status and ego, they seek the title rather than the true capacity to be a Spiritual Source for the community.

One who is initiated at a first level has the capacity and ability and has developed a connection to be able to assist his or herself only. This is the vast difference between our spiritual temple and many other temples, an adherence to the old ways and traditions. This first level initiate will undergo a huge number of changes and shifts in his or her life, which they are taught to work with and manage.

Before we reaching any second level initiation, most of those who work under me have undergone anywhere between 2 to 5 years worth of training. Thus our second level initiates, Priests and Priestesses, have been given the knowledge, proper tools and capacity to be able to help others as well as the self, family and friends. My Initiates, Priests and Priestesses, have been given the proper protections, connections, and proper development training to be able to really assist people in achieving real results in their life. Without causing any damage or backlash upon their selves, clients and/or those who they are trying to serve.

Now, the very unfortunate truth is that in the vast majority of the spiritual community, you have first level initiates trying to claim to be spiritual workers and be able to help others. These individuals very often open up shop directly after getting initiated. You have second and third level initiates, who don’t know the basics – of even the first level initiate – attempting, and failing, at helping others or doing spiritual work for others.

After getting initiated, initiation takes time to incorporate and settle into the persons life, spirit, body and mind. During this time, the new initiate is undergoing various changes and shifts in both their spiritual, physical and professional lives, not truly having any capacity to truly assist others in any way that would best serve them.

There are many places, in which there are third level initiates, that have less training then my first level  initiates. These “High priests and priestesses” barely have the knowledge or basic character development to be able to truly help anyone else. Without character, a spiritual worker cannot perform his duties properly. Power without Character is a danger, to the person with it and to those around him or her.

In fact most of my first level initiates, have more knowledge training and capacity to help others, than many of these so-called high priests and priestesses. Priests and priestesses are being turned out like cars at a Ford factory. The very unfortunate thing is that later on, these individuals go around claiming to be priests and priestesses and claiming to be able to assist people when they can barely even help themselves.  They ruin, create discord and disorder, instead in the lives of those they are claiming to help. Their lack of training and knowledge shows through the way that they act, walk, talk and behave.

The truth is, it has been very very common for me to end up receiving these so-called high priests and priestesses and having to take them through the proper training process. Often this is after years and years of them claiming to hold that position as well as claiming to have helped others. Instead, they have created messes and problems in their lives and the lives of those around them. This then takes years to clean up, get aligned and get straight.

I have a large number of high priest of high priestess who where initiated in other temples or societies, who are unable to perform the basic function  of the first level initiate. Yet these are the individuals that often are highly found touting their abilities and their titles and their statuses.  When confronted with the fact that they lack the proper knowledge, some will wake up and realize that they need to get the training they lack. But many more, often, end up indignant and angry, driven by ego, greed and pride, and are unable to admit their lack and as such continue to go through life messily.

I recall working with one such individual. She simply could not acknowledge that she didn’t know what she was doing. She refused to go through the proper channels to learn and become able to hold her rank/position. When she realized, that until she could, her title meant nothing in my temple, her poor ego driven sense of pride, greed, and sloth took over.

So she went off to another temple. There, the head priests saw that they could use her. Use her lack of knowledge and ability to manipulate her. So they applauded her ego. They stroked her ego and told her all the right things. They encouraged her to “go out and find people to initiate” and so she did.

Surely enough, she initiated those individuals with the help of the Priests of the new temple. Ruined her life, and the lives of 7 other individuals.

But people don’t realize the world is small.

And so, many of those individuals came here, to get fixed. Many of them should have never been initiated to begin with. Others were taken through the initiation without proper preparation and started dealing with all sorts of issues and problems after the ceremony.

One poor individual in particular started having her life ruined, and the lives of her children, her husband and her family. As she was opened to evil spirits, who started to attack her and those she loved. This led to many illnesses, freak accidents and all sorts of weird happenings. Aside from this, she dealt with all sorts of financial and physical trouble.

And where was the proud Mambo? Her initiator?

No where to be found. Dealing with her own problems which she had created by initiating these people.

So there they were, newly initiated and totally helpless and abandoned.

Luckily, she found me and we were able to help her.

But it took a year of regular spiritual work . . . as she her whole life was in the toilet.

And it took ten times the amount of money that she spent on her initial initiation.

Because an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

But once your in it, a pound of cure is what you will need.

Unfortunately scamming and con artistry has become main stay within the spiritual traditions, and then these initiation mills only serve to further help and develop this to continue. As more and more people are initiated without the proper training, knowledge or capacities and development and given titles that they can not hold, more and more confusion more and more scams more and more problems will continue to occur in our spiritual communities.

So as a last note . . .



Until Next Time
Keep the Faith,


Papa Hector

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