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Papa Hector, aka Houngan Hector, is the leader of the International Vodou Sosyete known as Gade Nou Leve, Watch us Rise. And he has been serving and helping people in the community and teaching people in the Spiritual Community since 1989,


Papa Hector discusses proper protocol for Ceremonies within the Vodou, 21 Divisiones and Sanse traditions.

Top 11 Mistakes Made On the Spiritual Path



Papa Hector Salva tells you the top 11 most common Mistakes made on the Spiritual Path, especially those who are just starting on the path.

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Spirits, Spiritual Workers and Dogs

21 Divisiones and Sanse Regional Traditions


Papa Hector discusses the various differences that exist within both the Sanse and 21 Divisiones.  He explains why that is and what you can do to understand these beautiful traditions further.

Initiation and Training in Sanse, 21 Divisiones and ATRS

Papa Houngan Hector Salva discusses the importance of Initiation and Training within Sanse, Las 21 Divisiones and the ATRS.

St. Claire Resources


If you are seeking clarity in your life, or the help of St. Claire, Here are some articles I previously posted that may be of interest to you:


Want to learn more about her?

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Importance of Lineages in Sanse, 21 Divisiones and ATRs


Papa Hector discusses the importance of Lineages in Sanse, 21 Divisions, Vodou and the other ATRS

Casting a Spell vs Petitioning the Spirits


Papa Hector discusses the difference between casting a Spell and Petitioning the Spirit.

Anaisa and St Martha Ceremony Follow Up and Pictures

Hello everyone
For all of those who got the opportunity to participate in Anaisa and St Martha’s magic this month, we are waiting on the ceremonial candles to finish burning (typically 7-9 days)
And once they do, we’ll be sending you something special.
Here are a few photos of the Altar table for the ceremony
I didn’t get to take as many as I usually do.
Can you “see” what’s under that awesome magical altar?  No?
I’ll give you a clue, it’s the secret magic we were working on for you and you will be getting a piece of it soon.  I hid it from prying eyes!
Anaisa, St Martha, Ogou Balendjo and Papa Legba all made an appearance and delivered magic, wisdom and healing.
I had to head out to help some clients this week, and so when I return you will be getting more info from me.
Until then
Keep the faith
Papa Hector

To Mount or Not To Mount- Initiation into Sanse and 21 Divisiones

One of our Members of our Facebook group, Sanse-Espiritismo Y La 21 Division, asked whether or not it was absolutely necessary to get mounted in order for someone to confer the initiations into Sanse and 21 Divisiones.  My answer below:

I describe the original practice of the Olden Days when things were done properly by properly trained and real Adepts and True Initiates.





Papa Hector