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Speeding things up with St. Expedite . . .


Do you need to help speed things along?  Are you working towards a goal and progress seems to be as slow as molasses?  Tired of waiting?

Do you ever wonder when the waiting will end?

St Expedite is the Patron of many things, but most importantly he is the patron of moving things along faster and getting things progressing!  Just like his name says , he is known for his ability to Expedite Solutions and results.

If your situation’s progress has

Been blocked
Stopped in its tracks
Been hit by delay after delay
Been detained by others
Is being hindered

St Expedite can help you turn things around and get things moving ….

And finally

Here is your chance to do it

In honor of his feast this year, I’m offering you an opportunity to get things moving forward, faster and better than ever before with a special Powerful Expeditious Ceremony. So that you too can reap the benefit and experience his lightning fast assistance.

If you have a situation that has been slow moving, dragging it’s feet and slowly progressing. Now is the time to put some fire under it and speed into the situation.

The last time we did a ceremony for him my email box was overflowing with testimonials and Thank Yous on how fast people received their results.

People reported getting movement and progress in situations that had been stuck for weeks, months. . . even Years!

It was absolutely insane….

One lady testified  how she was finally able to win a lawsuit after years of being at a standstill.

Another finalized a divorce that had been going on for more than a year ….

One guy got a job just in time as his unemployment was about to run out… and after months of searching unsuccessfully

And on and on I regularly get testimonials from those who participated….

So if you missed out last time here is your chance to finally get things rolling and moving with St. Expedite. . . .

I only have a few spots left and it is this Saturday, April 22, 2017 at 3 pm . . . so the deadline to get in is Saturday morning if there are any spots left.   So click here to speed up your solutions

Papa Hector

PS- If you already got in on the ceremony, Congrats! I am making a special offering today, St Expedite’s Official Feast Day, for all those who already took advantage of this powerful opportunity.   On Saturday, your ceremonial work will be done.



and How they are all a reality and relate to each other



and How they are all a reality and relate to each other


Hello everyone, it’s me, Papa Hector. So my family recently took me to go see a movie as a gift. The movie is called the Conjuring 2. And I like movies like this, I’m a movie person, I like to watch movies, but do I believe that such exists and such things can happen? To some extent, yes. So that’s what I actually wanna cover in this video…evil spirits. I just wanna give a little touch upon it.


So, do evil spirits exist? Yes, they do. Do demons exist? Yes, they do. Do false guides exist? Yes, they do. Do evil dead exist? Yes, they do. Can they harm you in ways that they show to harm people in the movie? Yes, they can. Can they harm people in many other ways? Yes, they can. Does it happen? Yes, it does. Does it happen all the time? More often than you think.


So, naturally, because you’re watching a movie, they’re gonna dramatize and to some extent exaggerate things that are along the plot line. You have to make it more fantastical because it’s a movie! But many things happen and do happen that are similar and that do happen that are very close to the same thing even if not exactly the same thing as what happened to individuals there.


And is it true that demons or negative spirits can latch on to individuals? Yes, it is. And there’s a variety of reasons and causes and ways that demons make their way into the body and connect with the body and slowly infest the body. So, that’s something that can happen and does happen all the time, and there’s many symptoms of infestation, and I have seen, witnessed, helped, removed, gotten rid of many such infestations and worse.


So, these are just some of the things that I wanna say about that. And I wanna tell you that if you’ve never experienced evil spirits like this, then it’s kind of hard to believe. And there’s things that I’ve seen and if I told you and you’d never experienced it, then it’s gonna be even harder for you to believe. You’re gonna think I’m cray cray, you’re gonna think I’m crazy or something. So I’m not going to…But there’s many things that if I told you and you had experienced any real demon or negative spirit infestation, you would be like yeah, you would totally believe me, you would totally understand, you would have probably have gone through many of the same things yourself. And that is the power of these things.


Many times…I have many people who came to have these spirits removed and we remove them all the time, and…when they first come in they tell me that a) I never really believed in demons, or b) I didn’t believe in spirits, ghosts, demons, any of that type of thing, c) I’m very religiously devout – yes, they do attach themselves to people who are very devout religiously, whatever way – I’m a very religiously devout person, or, you know, I’m a very good Christian, Muslim, etc; and once they experienced it, they came to really believe and know that this world is really real.


Just like the physical world you have good characters and bad characters, so in the spiritual world you have good characters and bad characters. And unfortunately it’s much more easy to get into the group of the bad characters and line up with the bad characters than it is to get in line and group up with the good ones. So it’s the same thing in the spiritual world, and many people who have actually had a demonic attachment, infestation, things of this nature, when they tell you they sound like they’re totally crazy because of what has happened to them. But many of these things do go on and it’s very true.


I’ve seen, you know, all sorts of things that go on with people who are suffering through a demonic or an evil spirit that’s been attached or infested in them, and many people who have gone all over the world to get such demons or evil spirits removed from them and have been unable to and we’ve been able to remove those spirits, clear them of those spirits, get them protected, close off those portals and those doors for them, so I’m really happy about that. And it really does change someone’s life either way – from when you go from being totally clear to first getting the infestation, to being infested and then becoming clear again – each one really throws your world for a 360, really turns your world all the way around.


So, that’s what I wanna say about evil spirits, the movie, and if you’re into movies like that…it wasn’t that scary to me, but that’s because, you know, I know about these things, but other people that I know have seen it who don’t find most movies scary said that they found it pretty scary. So, they say that it’s based on a true account, a true story, and I don’t doubt it and it wasn’t a bad movie. So that’s my little review on that movie and at the same time getting to talk to you about evil spirits and demons and such.


So, until next time

keep the faith,

Papa Hector signing off.

God bless.


Happy Summer Solstice from Papa Hector

Happy Summer Solstice from Papa Hector

Hello everyone and I wanna say Happy 2016 from me, Papa Hector, where it’s June 20th, we’re about halfway through the middle of the year, and I hope that you’ve been manifesting a lot of your goals, your dreams and your desires. And I hope that you’ve been able to achieve what it is you wanted to achieve this year.

I just wanted to do a check in with all of you guys, with all my subscribers, everyone who watches my videos, and let you know what’s been going on with me most of 2016. So, all of 2016 so far I’ve been doing a lot of travelling for spiritual work, doing initiations, house cleansings, removal of lots of negative spirits. It seems this year that we’ve had a lot of cases where there’s people that have negative spirits attached to them. It’s unfortunate but it’s true, and it’s unfortunate but it’s good that they finally came in and were finally able to find the help to get the negative spirits removed from them.

So we’ve been doing that, we had a number of ceremonies, we had a Gypsy Misa, we’ve had several others Misas so far within the year…I’ve done lots of workshops and new classes on mysticalwork.com, we’ve had a lot of testimonials come in this year. As everyone knows I only take a very limited number of cases each month so that being the case, we’ve gotten an awesome amount of testimonials – many testimonials so far for the point where we’re at it in this year already. So it’s really great.

We have the Three Keys to Power programme…myself as well as Priestess Shoshana have been working together to offer this really marvellous, really potent, powerful, strong course of information, of spiritual knowledge, for which you can use to change your life. And we’ve already started Round 1 of that programme, and we’ve actually had such a big response from it that we’re planning to have a Round 2. The year has been so busy that we had actually originally planned to start it by now, but we haven’t been really able to get that together in the schedule. So, looking forward to starting, you know, a second group of students going through the Three Keys to Power programme later on this year. And I will probably be mentioning that or talking about that further in other videos.

We have second year students who are doing marvellously with their work, as well as people have completed their second year of coursework this year and are now moving on to the third year. And they’ve made tonnes of growth, leaps and bounds of growth and it’s been really exciting to see them grow and change and find what they want in their life and also really delve deeply into the Sanse work which is really powerful work that really does change and transform lives.

So I’ve been to Holland this year, I’ve been to the Dominican Republic several times, anyone who’s worked with me or who knows me knows that for a certain type of magical work, certain type of spiritual work, we only do in the Dominican Republic, we only do in Haiti, because it’s stronger there, there are certain items, certain materials that we can only get there, there’s certain things we can only do there.

So I’ve done that, and I’ve made various other trips. I’ve been to New Orleans, I met a lot of great people, a lot of great new people in New Orleans, made connections with a lot of great friends of mine, other priests and priestesses that I’ve known for a long time, and got to enjoy spending time with them as well as going and doing ceremony and ritual with everyone.

So, that’s where I’ve been at all my year, and it’s really my intention to get as many videos out here as possible, to start making videos more regularly for y’all, and I know that…you wait on that, and I know that…I’ve been telling you that I’ve been trying to get more and more videos out here. It’s just been a crazy year! And hopefully it’s been a crazy good year for you too, because it’s been a crazy good year for me. And, yeah, that’s where we’re at with things.

So just to give you some thoughts and let you know what’s going on forward, leaping forward for this year, I’m gonna make the next video right after this one to talk about St. John the Baptist. St. John the Baptist is a really important spirit to me, and I would like to talk about him to you too so you can get to know who he is.

So that’s one and two, number three is that we just finished having a Misa, next month I’m really excited because, first of all, next month, for those of you who are really close to me, next month’s my birthday, so Happy Birthday to me…but more importantly, we have the Anaisa ceremony which is one of the biggest ceremonies that Sosyete Gade nou Leve – Gade nou Leve, ‘Watch Us Rise’ Temple Society – holds every year. And it’s one of our bigger, well-known ceremonies that we hold annually and we’ve been holding it annually for a lot of years, which I’m not even gonna try to count back at this point. So, ten plus years we’ve been having the annual Anaisa ceremony.

So I’m really excited, but I’m extra excited this year because I’m gonna be having my students, initiates, the members of the Temple, coming from all over the world! And we’re gonna be holding Temple member only workshops, Temple member only classes, Temple member only learning, rituals, and it’s gonna be a week of fun for me and the Temple members. And a lot of time for everyone to get to know each other, connect, spend time with each other and have lots of fun enjoying our spiritual work and, you know, talking! And getting to be with each other.

So I’m really excited about that and we have the big Anaisa ceremony coming on July 30th 2016 at 3pm at the Temple, and it will be no different than any other year except that I will have all my students – many of my students and many of my spiritual family members there present which makes it a really exciting time for me and I’m really excited to do that.

And August so far, we have possible marriage ceremonies coming up, we have spirit marriages, we have all kinds of good things coming through on the rest of the year. I hope to be able to do a video again to catch you up because really the thing about it is, number one, is it’s faster for me to do these videos for you and get you in the loop than it is for me to type everything out. Number two is that, I don’t really…the problem with me doing the videos and doing them regularly is that I like to do them here in the office, this is my office next to my altar room. And because of all the travel and how crazy it’s been, I haven’t gotten to do that. So I’m gonna see if I can start doing more videos, maybe on my phone or something.

And until next time, I hope that you’re enjoying the summer solstice, I hope that you’re enjoying this time, it’s finally getting warm here, hot enough to be considered hot. So I hope that you’re enjoying whatever weather pattern that you’re involved in at this point, and speak to you soon.

God bless.

Papa Hector





christmas image



The Spirits have told me to extend a special thank you to all of my clients
and friends this year for Christmas. They asked that I offer a discount
to the services for all those who have worked with us in the past more than

So, if that is you .. . .

Please email Soley and he will send you your Special Christmas Gift Coupon.  Email him at help@greatestspells.com

Keep the Faith,
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,

Papa Hector

Happy New Years, Spiritual Cleansing Baths and Sessions with the Spirit


JAN 2ND 2016

OAKLYN, NJ 08107

These sessions with the Mystery are 5-10 minutes long, they are usually had
to have an individual find a solution to their problem and a clear path
forward for their life in a quick manner.

PLEASE EMAIL SOLEY TO BE PUT ON THE LIST.  You can email him at help@greatestspells.com




Start the New Year with a fresh field of energy to draw from. Bring in the
new year in a new way to change the course of your luck for the Year.

If you’ve never taken a spiritual cleansing bath for the New Year, you have
really missed out on tons! Tons of luck and opportunity that can start
your year off right.

Papa Hector and Gade Nou Leve Sosyete Members will be administering the
bath. Bring a set of clothing to bathe in (such as a bathing suit), a
towel and a change of clothing.

We will be at the same address above.
Can’t make it? Have Your Bath Shipped To You.  Get Your Bath Here.  The bath is a bit more due to shipping.

Though not as good as having it administered by a Priest/ess, it will still
effectively set your new year out on a good start!

(Please Note: New Years Baths for Shipping will not be sent out until the

I want to wish you a Happy New Year, a great 2016, filled with tons of
success, luck, prosperity and good things for you and all of yours.

Keep the Faith,
Papa Hector


Vodou is not a game of Pokemon.

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again, because unfortunately it bears repeating. It is often the same perpetrators who make the mistake and some simply don’t want to listen. However:

Vodou is not a game of Pokemon. The Lwa are not Pokemon cards, and it is not about collecting them all.

Do not assume you will be stronger or better than others because you believe yourself to have more Lwa than they have, as that is not how it works.

Vodou is not a game, full stop. The Lwa are as real as you or me, they are not characters in a TV show. Do not treat them with disrespect.

All too often I see people trying to “collect” spirits. Now in truth this is not so simple. Just because you like a Lwa does not mean that you have that spirit walking with you. Just because your favourite food / colour / perfume (etc) is known to be their favourite also, does not mean they walk with you. Even if you work in an area of that Lwa’s expertise, it does not mean you are automatically their child (although they may be more inclined to listen to you when you pray).

The opposite is also true. You may not have a connection with a Lwa even when it does walk with you. Connections take time. But it helps to establish who you have walking with you if you ever want to progress in Vodou. Then you can decide which Lwa to serve, and learn how to do so properly.

It may be unpopular to point this out, but those who know me know I tell it like it is: to find out which Lwa walk with you and how to serve them, you can’t cut corners or open a book. You have to go straight to the source, to people who have walked the road before you. You have to be taught by your elders. Because in Vodou there are both right ways and wrong ways, there are certain taboos, and there are spirits you don’t want to serve unless you have obtained a certain level of initiation or have the guidance of someone who has. That’s just how it is, and if you want to respect the Lwa, you follow our traditions.

The fact is that you can build the most beautiful altar around, spend lavishly on all the biggest statues and candles and satin tablecloths and so on, and you may still not have the spirit’s attention let alone walk with that Lwa. The practitioner down the road who you’ve looked down on, because all he has is a bare wooden table, a candle and a glass of water, might have astronger connection to the spirits than you do, because he’s put the work in. Serving the Lwa is about more than throwing money at an altar!

In fact if you have not worked to establish your connections, if you do not know who you walk with and exactly how to serve them, spending money on your altar is exactly the same as throwing money away.

And nobody wants to do that, right?


General Thoughts Today:

I was doing a consultation earlier today for someone who was an Initiate in another House. I’m not going to go into too many details, but I see it all the time. And I want to share some of my thoughts on some of the things I often see happen.

Being Co- Creator in your life:

Alot of Vodouisants, or aspiring/budding Spiritualist (any path), I often see rely solely on the Spirits to create their life for them. They fall into the trap of only doing a small percent of their part of the work.

What do I mean by this?

It is often that they make their offerings, regularly serve their Spirits, etc, but that they do not take the physical world steps necessary to make or create the change that they desire. God helps those who help themselves. Yes, it is so. Making the offerings, working the wanga, etc is all well and good, and it will definitely help you and make everything easier to come/go along. But one must also take the Physical world steps necessary to achieve/attain one’s goal. And often, when trying to reach a goal, there are many.

Many of these steps are steps that the Spirit cannot do for you. They are ones you must do and make for yourself. If you are looking for love, you must go out more, you must be more approachable and friendly when you are out, etc, just as if looking for a job, you would need to have the knowledge and experience necessary to attain it in the first place, secondly do well in your interview and most importantly — put in that application.

Remember, the Spirits will help you, but it is your life, and you are the one with the power to decide, and ultimately it is your choice, what you will do and what steps you will or will not take to get to your goal.

Papa Hector