Baptism and Gifts in Sanse and 21 Divisiones

Papa Hector discusses Baptism, Initiation and Gifts in Sanse and 21 Divisiones.

21 Divisiones and Sanse Regional Traditions


Papa Hector discusses the various differences that exist within both the Sanse and 21 Divisiones.  He explains why that is and what you can do to understand these beautiful traditions further.

Anaisa and St Martha Ceremony Follow Up and Pictures

Hello everyone
For all of those who got the opportunity to participate in Anaisa and St Martha’s magic this month, we are waiting on the ceremonial candles to finish burning (typically 7-9 days)
And once they do, we’ll be sending you something special.
Here are a few photos of the Altar table for the ceremony
I didn’t get to take as many as I usually do.
Can you “see” what’s under that awesome magical altar?  No?
I’ll give you a clue, it’s the secret magic we were working on for you and you will be getting a piece of it soon.  I hid it from prying eyes!
Anaisa, St Martha, Ogou Balendjo and Papa Legba all made an appearance and delivered magic, wisdom and healing.
I had to head out to help some clients this week, and so when I return you will be getting more info from me.
Until then
Keep the faith
Papa Hector

To Mount or Not To Mount- Initiation into Sanse and 21 Divisiones

One of our Members of our Facebook group, Sanse-Espiritismo Y La 21 Division, asked whether or not it was absolutely necessary to get mounted in order for someone to confer the initiations into Sanse and 21 Divisiones.  My answer below:

I describe the original practice of the Olden Days when things were done properly by properly trained and real Adepts and True Initiates.





Papa Hector


St. John the Baptist


St. John the Baptist

Alright. So, like I promised you in another video, I’m making this video on St. John the Baptist. It’s me, Papa Hector here.

So, first off, is that St. John the Baptist holds a very special place for me, in my heart, in my world, in my life, because St. John the Baptist a) is the patron, the male patron, the saint of Puerto Rico, and b) is one of the patrons of one of my own teachers and mentors. And so I’ve always felt and had a very close connection with St. John the Baptist.

St. John the Baptist in all of the Mystery traditions. What do I mean by Mystery traditions? What I mean by that is the Vodou-based traditions, the traditions that work with Mysteries, that work with lwa. So, Dominican Vodou, 21 Divisions, in Haitian Vodou and in Sanse, St. John the Baptist holds a very strong and important position. I’m not going to go in through all the Mysteries that St John the Baptist holds in each tradition but I’m gonna actually go into…a practice that we used to do back in the day for St. John the Baptist.

And it used to be popular to do this in Puerto Rico, was to at twelve midnight on St. John’s Eve…to have a bonfire going on the beach. And to jump over the bonfire as you ran into the water, as you went to go run into the water, and dip yourself twelve times at twelve midnight on St. John’s Eve…and then go run back and jump back over the fire as you’re coming back.

This is a special cleansing and a protection that’s done on the patronage of St. John the Baptist because St. John the Baptist is a mystery that contains elements of both fire and salt water. He’s a very powerful mystery. And he also connects with even fresh water. But, we do it at the beach because the salt water removes all that is salao, everything that is salty on you, bitter, any negative energy. Negative energy is often referred to as being salao or a person with negative energy has been salao, meaning they’ve been salted, somebody done thrown salt on them…thrown salt on their name. That’s why that expression comes up. So they’ve been salted.

So, it removes through the law of attraction, the sea salt removes any negative spiritual salt and attracts it into the sea water, from off the person, and the jumping over the fire is actually a reinforcement of the protection the fire gives you. So it’s asking with St. John’s patronage the protection of the fire element within the bonfire and from the Holy Spirit because the fire is representative of the power of the Holy Spirit. So, that’s what we used to do back in the day, and usually I’d be in Puerto Rico at this time, or I’d be in Dominican Republic, and that’s what we would do with my mentor and we would take a whole bunch of people out and it was really a great time to be had because we would have a little, you know, party at the beach beforehand, have our ritual at the end of the night, and then go back and have a little bit more of a party.

So, that’s St. John the Baptist. St. John the Baptist is an important spirit because if you know anything about the biblical text about St. John the Baptist, he is St. John the Baptist because he baptised Jesus. And you have to be a pretty important, special soul to have baptised Jesus, especially in the bible.

And the fact that that was such an important element that it was left in the bible – because we all know that the bible as you have it today is not the bible as it really is because the bible in essence was changed so many times by so many individuals, right – the fact that it was left in there just goes to show you how significant that moment is and how significant, how important that is in the Christian tradition.

And he is representative of various Mysteries because St. John the Baptist is one of those images that can be associated with various Mysteries and connected with various Mysteries. One of the things about St. John the Baptist also in DR is that there is a hole of St. John the Baptist where that hole fills up mysteriously with water, it’s one of the miracles of St. John the Baptist. These are the things that a lot of people don’t know about and these are a few things that it’s normal if you would have grown up in the culture to have either known, heard or seen these things or participated in these things.

And back when my mentors were alive, my teacher was alive, she would hold Misa near to St. John the Baptist’s feast day. And we have a special ritual that’s done, that was done amongst us specially like people that she prepared, people that she taught, for St. John the Baptist and to call upon that power that is especially at a heightened level during this time of the year.

And the feast of St. John the Baptist corresponds with the summer solstice, when the sun is at the height of its power. So remember that the mystery religions, the mystery traditions…they’re very connected with the earth, nature, agriculture, the natural cycle of things. So this date is actually a very important date for many Vodouisants, many Sansistas, many Caballos de Misterio, Servidores de Misterios, etc.

So if you’ve never heard of St. John the Baptist, don’t know about St. John the Baptist, if you have a mentor, a teacher, a godparent, maybe this is something for you to look into or ask about. As far as the Mysteries of St. John the Baptist and how I work with those, how our lineage works with those, that’s something that I teach to my own people…

But I hope that I’ve illuminated some of the importance of this Mystery. Because there’s many Mysteries that we commonly talk about all the time, who are important and who are major Mysteries, but St. John the Baptist is one of those major, important Mysteries who we don’t talk about quite as much. So I hope this has illuminated something for you, has opened something up for you, God bless you, keep the faith, until next time I’m signing off, it’s Papa Hector.


St. Martha, the Serpent and the Shaman

St. Martha has followers all over the world.

st. martha followers

The power of the serpent has been a sacred symbol and recognised by shamanic  traditions since the beginning of time.    Ancient cultures both feared and revered the serpent.

The Symbol of the serpent has come to mean many things and symbolize various powers-circumstances in life such as:

 As snakes shed their skin through sloughing, they are symbols of rebirth, transformation, immortality, and healing.

In some cultures, the Serpent represents the Kundalini.  The basic creative life force that is held within each person.

In other cultures, snakes symbolized the umbilical cord, joining all humans to Mother Earth.

Serpents are represented as potent guardians of temples and other sacred spaces

In Africa the chief centre of serpent worship was Dahomey


And I could go on and on and on. . . . .

St. Martha is a powerful dominator of the spiritual plane.

By the dictionary definition to dominate is to:

have a commanding influence on; exercise control over.

St Martha teaches her servants how to dominate themselves and the world around them.

Fact is he who has the dominant force in a place controls the flow of things in that space or situation.   We are all dominated by the forces around us.

We have all been exposed to this phenomenon.   No one is exempt to this law. . . .

So I will be teaching a special workshop on St. Martha and her Mysterious powers on:

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In the 21 Divisions and in Sanse we recognise St martha as Filomena

Lubana. …The Mystery of the Serpents, Domination,and the Queen of the


She is a much feared, revered, honoured and respected Mystery and she

has many many followers.

One thing that you will commonly witness in any cemetery in the

Dominican Republic is devotees of St Martha smoking cigars in her honor

or to ask her for a favor or her assistance. They will often have a

purple cloth tied around their neck. Mumbling prayers at the cemetery

with full confidence that she will help them achieve their goals.


And the request to her are many and various… People seek her aid in

all types of situations….

Some come to ask to dominate their lovers, return a husband or

relationship, or attract sex and desire. others are looking to overcome

some blockage or problem that lies in their path. Still yet others

looking need help in overcoming their enemies, evil spirits, or other

issues that plagued them.

The grave where she is honored and worshipped will often be clearly

marked. In some Cemeteries, decorated with her image and painted purple.

Yet in other cemeteries, you will watch many candles burning brightly

before the cross that has been erected in dedication of her service.

Many individuals who have never worked magic or done anything ever of a

spiritual nature will often remarks at how quickly powerfully and

immediately the response that they received from her when calling upon

her even the very first time. When St. Martha comes, her presence is

palatable, thick and obvious in it’s nature.


FEB 8TH, 2016



Vodou is not a game of Pokemon.

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again, because unfortunately it bears repeating. It is often the same perpetrators who make the mistake and some simply don’t want to listen. However:

Vodou is not a game of Pokemon. The Lwa are not Pokemon cards, and it is not about collecting them all.

Do not assume you will be stronger or better than others because you believe yourself to have more Lwa than they have, as that is not how it works.

Vodou is not a game, full stop. The Lwa are as real as you or me, they are not characters in a TV show. Do not treat them with disrespect.

All too often I see people trying to “collect” spirits. Now in truth this is not so simple. Just because you like a Lwa does not mean that you have that spirit walking with you. Just because your favourite food / colour / perfume (etc) is known to be their favourite also, does not mean they walk with you. Even if you work in an area of that Lwa’s expertise, it does not mean you are automatically their child (although they may be more inclined to listen to you when you pray).

The opposite is also true. You may not have a connection with a Lwa even when it does walk with you. Connections take time. But it helps to establish who you have walking with you if you ever want to progress in Vodou. Then you can decide which Lwa to serve, and learn how to do so properly.

It may be unpopular to point this out, but those who know me know I tell it like it is: to find out which Lwa walk with you and how to serve them, you can’t cut corners or open a book. You have to go straight to the source, to people who have walked the road before you. You have to be taught by your elders. Because in Vodou there are both right ways and wrong ways, there are certain taboos, and there are spirits you don’t want to serve unless you have obtained a certain level of initiation or have the guidance of someone who has. That’s just how it is, and if you want to respect the Lwa, you follow our traditions.

The fact is that you can build the most beautiful altar around, spend lavishly on all the biggest statues and candles and satin tablecloths and so on, and you may still not have the spirit’s attention let alone walk with that Lwa. The practitioner down the road who you’ve looked down on, because all he has is a bare wooden table, a candle and a glass of water, might have astronger connection to the spirits than you do, because he’s put the work in. Serving the Lwa is about more than throwing money at an altar!

In fact if you have not worked to establish your connections, if you do not know who you walk with and exactly how to serve them, spending money on your altar is exactly the same as throwing money away.

And nobody wants to do that, right?

April 19th- Feast of St. Expedite

St. Expedite!

papa gede gede limbo guede las 21 divisiones sanse sance


A powerful well known Saint and intercessor.  There is a special place in my heart for St. Expedite.  He has always been of great assistance to me in my life, the lives of my Godchildren and my clients.  He is swift to assist one in life, and easy to keep happy so long as you keep your word.

We also know him as Papa Gede Limbo, and he is a powerful leader over the dead in the Cemetery.  He is one of my special patrons. . . and I could go into tons of stories of how many times he has assisted me.

He has saved me from fire, has helped me increase business, has protected me and my family members from car accidents, and always warns us whenever there is danger.  He is a great protector and overseer.

Not sure if you missed it, but his special feast day was April 19th.  I almost missed it myself!

But he made sure to remind me.  And I am happy I didn’t miss it!  I make sure to take care of him yearly on this date, as well as during Fete Gede that we hold annually.  This year is no different.

I gave him his flowers, his candle, his cake and his coffee and of course, his cigarettes.  St. Expedite is a very understanding and easy to deal with Spirit, he loves to help!.  But like most, he helps his friends most readily.

So if St. Expedite has helped you at all, or if you need his help, give him his candle and his drink.  I am sure he will be there for you just as he has for me.

The following prayer is a special one to me that I use to call upon St. Expedite, enjoy:


Saint Expedite, you lay in rest.
I come to you and ask that
this wish be granted.

(State your request)

Expedite now what I ask of you.
Expedite now what I want of you,
this very second.
Don’t waste another day.
Give me what I ask for.
I know your power,
I know you because of your work.
I know you can do it.
Do this for me and I’ll
spread your name with love and honor
and cause your name to be invoked.
Expedite this wish with speed, love,
honor, and goodness.
Glory to you, Saint Expedite!