Why Lave Tet

Why one would undergo the Lave Tet

A life changing Vodou ceremony

Since I’ve announced the Lave Tet people have been asking….

 Papa I understand the spiritual benefits of the ceremony,  but are there any other?

 And well, I want to answer this question for you. …

 Yes there are, but in order to understand all the benefits and why, I have to explain to you a bit more about the way the  World really works.

You see in order to understand why the spiritual benefits are so important and powerful,  and to really understand the value and weight that they hold,  we must discuss how and why things in your life work and manifest as they do.

First,  when a problem or a blessing manifests in your physical life, the issue has been being worked on on various levels prior to you seeing anything on the physical level. The first level on which it becomes created is the spiritual world.

Overtime it slowly grows and develops more and more on the physical world. When you undergo a ceremony such as the Lave Tet,  you are undergoing a cleansing clearing and strengthening of your foundation which is your spiritual body. Problems and issues in the spiritual body become manifested in the physical world. The ceremony resets your spiritual body in a clean and strong state.

However, some of the issues that already have a strong root in your spiritual body, or already progressed even further in one of the other phases of manifestation, will be uprooted, drudged up and drawn up.

These issues are the undercurrent energies which are why you are facing certain problems or symptoms of issues in your physical life.  This is why you may have the unexplained “bad luck” or the problem with every male, etc.

Those issues have to be brought to the surface so that you can deal with them, work on them and finally change them so that they are no longer causing negative cycles in your life.

Spiritual Work ain’t always pretty!

You have to deal with those “roots” so that you can be finished with the issue once and for all.  The Lave Tet ill bring them up and make you face them.  It is One of the Most Powerful Ceremonies one can undergo to literally change your life.

So, if you are scared, or aren’t ready to deal with things and issues in your life, or prefer to continue the negative cycles. .  . then I don’t suggest you Lave Tet.

Some of these shifts and changes caused by the Lave Tet happen immediately.  Others take time to rearrange and manifest.  You can expect for it to take about a year (sometimes more) before your life has totally undergone all the shifts and changes that will happen.  It all depends on how much of a mess your life already is to begin with.

Another thing that happens with the Lave Tet is that your head is aligned with your Lwa.  The connection between you and your Spirits is refreshed.  Cleaned out.  Made Stronger.  So therefore, you being guided and making wise, guided decisions in your life, increases.  As you head down the proper roads, your success and luck increases as well.

Because it is not only about who you are or what you got, but it is also about the choices you make, the opportunities you take (or don’t), and what roads you are or aren’t on.

When your life has a stronger intuition, when you are living more in accordance with it and it’s guidance, your life will improve as will the roads you are on, and the part of your life that you make happen will go much better.  I am not saying you will know everything, or will know everything in the future, or become some world class psychic, but your internal navigation will work better and lead you to more success.

If your whole life is a hot mess, if you need a serious change, if you are way off the course or way off track of where you wanted to be in life, then Lave Tet should be a serious consideration.

If you have a cyclical issue, over and over again, you have something then that is deep rooted, Lave Tet might be for you.

Lastly, one of the biggest and most important reasons people undergo the Lave Tet is because they want to develop spiritually, have a deeper connection with their Lwa, and Initiate their relationship with the Sacred as a Blessed Being.  This is another whole post to cover all of the benefits that Lave Tet brings to the table when that is the purpose for which one undergoes it.

A lot of people fall victim to “scams” and other issues due to the fact that they desire convenience.  Spiritual Work is not always convenient, it often requires various sacrifices in order to get things done.  One of the things that I often run into is people who “don’t have the time” or “don’t want to have to travel”  for their Spiritual Work.  Only certain levels of things can be done at a distance.

In fact, I have had many people that have either come to me — either after or before– being scammed due to convenience.

For example, I have a client, who had come to me for many years to help him and effectively did help him.  However, at some point, one of the required steps that was needed for him to get help was that he had to come in person.  He didn’t want to come because it “was far, would add costs, etc”  and thus found someone more local to “help him”.  This local Priest, claimed to know me and be friends with me though he wasn’t, said he could do the prescribed ceremony for him.

Long story short, the ceremony was done wrong.  The problem worsened.  My client ended up coming back, and we had to do even more work to get him right, and then additional work to get the ceremony fixed.

And this has happened countless times. . . .

I’ve also had people who “ran into me or my website first”  only to go to someone else, due to cost, travel or whatever.  Then to return to me telling me about how they were scammed, taken advantage of, etc. . .when the Spirits were clearly sending them here to begin with.

The Lave Tet is one of those ceremonies that is extremely life changing, transformational and and empowering but it does require various sacrifices in order to happen.   This is on both parts of the people doing the Lave Tet and those undergoing the Lave Tet.

But it’s one of those ceremonies that you want to . . . NOT WANT, IN FACT NEED TO . . .  Undergo with the right person.  If not, it will affect you and your life.

The Lave Tet sets you on a new road, a fresh clean road.  A new path in life.  It elevates you.   It is also a ceremony that lets you gain many of the benefits of an Initiate, though not all, without necessarily having all the responsibilities that come with initiation.

Until Next Time,

Keep the Faith,

Papa Hector

Lave Tet Ceremony coming up



The Lave Tet ceremony is one of the most powerful, life changing, transformational ceremonies that a person can undergo.   Lave Tet means to wash the head and being that your head is the seat of your person, there is nothing like it.  I have conducted, participated and assisted in dozens of Lave Tet ceremonies and enjoyed seeing people grow, progress and be able to manifest a new existence due to it’s power.

I hope you are having an exciting 2016!  This year has been a very busy whirlwind for me, it has been so exciting with many new things happening and much traveling this year!

Well, it’s been a long long time . . . and people have been begging me to offer it, to do it, and well, it’s finally here!   And so, I want to make sure that everyone who has been asking me and wanting one from me, gets to know.

Gade Nou Leve Society will be holding a Lave Tet this September 2016!

If you don’t know what a Lave Tet is, you can learn about it here.

If you do, and you want to take this chance to get in . . . email Soley at help@greatestspells.com

Because the honest truth is . . .

It may be quite some time before I offer another one publicly like this.

If you are someone who is just starting on working on your spiritual development, or you need a really intense strong spiritual cleansing, or you want to get your life set straight . . . this is very likely the ceremony you need!

There are a few requirements however in order to be able to participate in this beautiful, intense and clarifying ceremony, and they are:

  1.  You must have a consultation with me and the Spirits.  You can order one of those here: Spiritual Consultation
  2. This ceremony is done in person and requires 4 days, but you will need to be here for almost 5.
  3.  You understand that if you are undergoing this ceremony for your spiritual development and to begin the path of Vodou, you need to make a commitment to your Spirits, yourself and your development.
  4.  Understand that although Lave Tet is a wonderful ceremony, and most people can undergo it, Lave Tet is not for everyone and in some cases, may not be appropriate.  This is why having the Spiritual consultation is a necessary first step.

Once you are Lave Tet, you are eligible to apply for Membership into our Society.


Vodou is not a game of Pokemon.

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again, because unfortunately it bears repeating. It is often the same perpetrators who make the mistake and some simply don’t want to listen. However:

Vodou is not a game of Pokemon. The Lwa are not Pokemon cards, and it is not about collecting them all.

Do not assume you will be stronger or better than others because you believe yourself to have more Lwa than they have, as that is not how it works.

Vodou is not a game, full stop. The Lwa are as real as you or me, they are not characters in a TV show. Do not treat them with disrespect.

All too often I see people trying to “collect” spirits. Now in truth this is not so simple. Just because you like a Lwa does not mean that you have that spirit walking with you. Just because your favourite food / colour / perfume (etc) is known to be their favourite also, does not mean they walk with you. Even if you work in an area of that Lwa’s expertise, it does not mean you are automatically their child (although they may be more inclined to listen to you when you pray).

The opposite is also true. You may not have a connection with a Lwa even when it does walk with you. Connections take time. But it helps to establish who you have walking with you if you ever want to progress in Vodou. Then you can decide which Lwa to serve, and learn how to do so properly.

It may be unpopular to point this out, but those who know me know I tell it like it is: to find out which Lwa walk with you and how to serve them, you can’t cut corners or open a book. You have to go straight to the source, to people who have walked the road before you. You have to be taught by your elders. Because in Vodou there are both right ways and wrong ways, there are certain taboos, and there are spirits you don’t want to serve unless you have obtained a certain level of initiation or have the guidance of someone who has. That’s just how it is, and if you want to respect the Lwa, you follow our traditions.

The fact is that you can build the most beautiful altar around, spend lavishly on all the biggest statues and candles and satin tablecloths and so on, and you may still not have the spirit’s attention let alone walk with that Lwa. The practitioner down the road who you’ve looked down on, because all he has is a bare wooden table, a candle and a glass of water, might have astronger connection to the spirits than you do, because he’s put the work in. Serving the Lwa is about more than throwing money at an altar!

In fact if you have not worked to establish your connections, if you do not know who you walk with and exactly how to serve them, spending money on your altar is exactly the same as throwing money away.

And nobody wants to do that, right?

St. Barbara- Chango

las 21 divisiones sanse haitian vodou chango

St. Barbara is a very well known and popular Saint within the Afro Carribean traditions.  She can be seen all over the islands doing her powerful and magical work.

The feast day of St. Barbara is December 4th.

In Haitian Vodou, St. Barbara is seen as Mambo Lemiye.  The mother of the Nago Nation, or Nasyon Nago.  Here we find St. Barbara as the mother of the Ogous, the warriors.  And as a mother of warriors, you have to be a pretty strong woman yourself!    In Vodou, Mambo Lemiye walks on the shore.  She is a Mystery that works with both water and fire and is able to work in the Sea.

She is called upon for when seeking protection against fire, sickness and when one is struggling with enemies.  She can neutralize those that come to harm you.  We give her a cup and a sword so that she can work.

In the 21 Divisiones, or Las 21 Divisiones, St. Barbara serves to represent the Mystery or Misterio known as Chango.  As a warrior, we know that with Chango’s help we can overcome that which seems impossible.  Chango is the ruler over lightening and thunder and can protect us from these as well.   We can go to Chango when we are facing very strong opposition and can be sure that he will help us in our mission.

In Sanse, St. Barbara encompases a number of different Misterios and Sanses.

In my lineage we recognize St. Barbara as a number of different Misterios that work within that image.  We often say that St. Barbara spends six months as a male and six months as a female.  That is why we also say that St. Barbara protects those that are transgendered or cross dress.

chango sanse sance las 21 divisiones

We recognize that St. Barbara as a male is Chango.  And Chango is a spirit of protection, of magick and of wealth.  He can assist us in any battle as he is a very strong warrior.  For this purpose, we use the image of St. Barbara on a horse as seen above.  We will also frequently use the image of Chango Macho to represent this path or punto of St. Barbara.

chango sanse sance las 21 divisiones

Chango Macho

As a spirit of luck, wealth and prosperity, we often petition Chango Macho for help in business, employment and gambling luck.  A special punto of Chango Macho is prepared by Sancistas in a small wooden box to bring in luck and prosperity.

In her female form, we recognize her as Ezili Shango Pye.  She is a powerful warrior as usual, but is also able to assist us in attaining love and helping us with issues within our relationships.  She is called upon to bring in passion when a relationship is fizzling or dying out.

chango ezili shango pye las 21 divisones sanse

Ezili Shango Pye

Above, you will see the image that we use to represent Ezili Shango Pye.  In dreams, she often appear as an Indian woman, who has large round brown eyes, olive skin and wears a long white dress.  She wears a red mantle over this dress and often a crown.

In all of her aspects, she is served with the colors red and white.  She is fond of red apples, bananas, mangos and Papaya.  She also loves red flowers.

Que Viva Chango Senores!


Papa Hector


St. Jude – San Judas in Sanse and Las 21 Divisiones

St Jude in sanse, sance, las 21 divisiones

St Jude is a powerful ally and a powerful Misterio.  He is known for his many abilities and many forms and is a popular Misterio within Sanse and Las 21 Divisiones.    He is known as the patron of desparate causes.  He is able to assist in even the worst looking of cases and scenarios.   He is also known as a powerful dominator and can help those who are devoted to him dominate and win in any situation.   Many come to St. Jude when they also need to be rid of some negative energy, spirit or ghost.

Being as popular as he is, he is known in various forms or can be used to represent many different Misterios.  Thus he has many  paths, in which he is worked with.    St. Jude is popular in many areas and all over the world and is known as the patron of Impossible cases.

las 21 divisiones sanse sance san judas

In Sanse, he is most commonly known to us as Polizon Fronte, although he can be worked with under different puntos.  As Polizon Fronte, he is the head of the police and those that in the mortal life work for justice.     He is a powerful protector and helps those who work with him to achieve all sorts of goals.  We also work with Polizon to help people attain employment or get a job quickly.

Polizon is also known for his quick help when it comes to court cases.  He can assist those defendants that are innocent of any wrongdoing.  He can also assist those who are in lawsuits or prosecuting another to gain favor and win their cases.  He is a powerful force that is often called upon to assist one’s legal team to lead to success.

Polizon may work in various divisions, though very commonly one will find him working with the Division of Belcanes with his compadre, Belie Belcan.

In Las 21 Divisiones, he can also be seen as Polizon, although he may also work through his other path known as Tabu.  Tabu assists people in love issues and also in cases dealing with the courts.  We use the Tabu essence when working with him. Tabu is a Misterio of the Petro division.

In both Las 21 Divisiones and Sanse, and I have even seen in Haiti, some people work with St. Jude as Gran Bwa.  This is understandable.  And in this punto, St. Jude gives powerful protections to people seeking protection from enemies.  St. Jude is also able to help with fertility and issues dealing with male sexuality or sexual disorders.

In my lineage of Sanse, we also work with St. Jude under a punto which comes from the Ogounes.  And in that case, St. Jude is a particular and special Ogoun that we work with when it comes to difficult court battles, situations with enemies, and situations in which the help of a powerful warrior is needed.

St. Jude can also be called upon in various other puntos, but I do not want to add to much and confuse you.

His colors are green, brown, red and white. Though the main color we work with for him is Green.  People usually burn a green 7 day candle when asking for his intercession.

Many people pray the Novena to St. Jude when undergoing a difficulty.  I will be posting his novena for all of you soon.


Papa Hector


Black Division in Las 21 Divisiones and Sanse

Today is the feast of all the Gede Spirits. The Gede Lwa and Misterios are very important because they represent Death and all it’s different components.  Since we all, as humans, have to meet death sooner or later, we all have a varying degree of a connection with the Gedes to some extent or another.  The Black Division is a huge family, and in this article, I will be covering some of the lesser known family members of this beautiful Division.

Please realize that different lineages and people do use different Saints to represent the different Misterios.  It does not make one superior to another, simply different.  Below is the way as I was taught and practice within my lineage.

baron del cementerio las 21 divisiones sanse sance

St. Elijah, or San Elias, known as Baron Del Cementerio and Leader of the Black Division

On this all Souls day, we celebrate all the Misterios of the Black Division.  In Sanse and Las 21 Divisiones, The Black Division is the division of the Cemetery and is led by San Elias or Baron Del Cementerio.  Along with his wife, La Barona or La Baronesa, he rules over the Cemetery.

His first son, Gede Limbo Lakwa is his right hand and assists Baron in many of his works.  Gede Limbo Lakwa is represented by St. Expedite.   St. Martha or Filomena Lubana, is known by some as his daughter and by others as his concubine.

baron de la cruz las 21 divisiones sanse sance voodoo espiritismo

St. Alex or San Alejo is Baron De La Cruz

St. Alex, or San Alejo in Spanish, is known as Baron De La Cruz.  He assists us in removing crosses or curses from individuals, to help remove bothersome individuals, and also to open up gates to new opportunities.  Baron de La Cruz is also well known for his ability to remove negative energy from within a Home.


gedecito in las 21 divisiones, la 21 division, sanse, sance

Our Child of Atocha or Gedecito


Guedecito, or Our Child of Atocha, is the child of the Cemetary.  He comes in the form of a small boy and is known for his mischief making.  But he is also a well recognized and highly followed Saint.  He assists with attaining money, success and luck.  He is also petitioned to help a business.    He is well known for his ability to heal the sick and help the poor.  He is the special protector of children.  In some areas, they use this Saint to represent a different Misterio.

Prin Gede las 21 divisiones sanse sance

St. Raymond or Prin Gede

Another well known Misterio within the Black Division is Prin Gede.  Prin Gede is known for protecting expectant mothers, assisting them during labor and to have a safe and easy delivery.  He is also petitioned when difficulties arise due to gossip and there is a need to stop gossip.  He is known for his quick ability to stop those who are telling lies.  Prin Gede is seen in the image of St. Raymond or San Ramon.   He also assist those who have been falsely accused.


gede kafou las 21 divisiones sanse sance

St. Martin of Porres also known as Gede Kafou and Gede de las Calles


Gede Kafou, or Gede de Las Calles, is represented by St. Martin de Porres.  He works with a broom and a candle to remove negativity and negative energy wherever he goes.  He is known for his ability to remove negativity from us and our environments.  He is also petitioned when we have people around us who we would like to be set free from.  He is known for his special ability to make sure that those who are devoted to him are never left hungry.  Gede Kafou or Gede De Las Calles can also be called upon when one is expierencing many financial difficulties, debts and poverty.

Gede Kafou is a healer as well.  And hospitals are a special place for him.  He is also known for his special love of animals.   His feast day is November 3rd and he also has a special connection with St. Rose of Lima.   He is also known to be able to assist those having marital difficulty resolve their problems and focus on their love rather than their problems.

Stay tuned for more of the Misterios of the Black Division . . . . .


Papa Hector







In Haitian Vodou, Danbala is the Holy of Holies. He is the tabernacle. This is the reason why Danbala is the most sacred of all the Lwa.   He is a divine Mystery that can be approached by anyone yet few are given access to his inner mysteries.

He comes in the form of the great serpent.  Those who have Danbala often dream of him and many have a deathly fear of snakes.   If you are Danbala’s child, you should pay special attention on his day and give him a special service.

He bestows wisdom and peace.  With these two things, anything can be achieved.  He is a very patient Lwa.  He is the father of all the Lwa.  In Vodou, March 17th is his feast day.  St. Patrick is the most commonly associated image with Danbala.

Older lineages, such as Gade Nou Leve, use Moses to represent Danbala Wedo.   His feast though is still celebrated on the 17th of March.  This is because the Catholic church does not consider Moses a Saint, thus he has no feast day.

Due to the above, it is said all Vodouisants must serve Danbala to a certain extent.  Greater homage and service is expected of initiates on his holy day.  But if you are a Vodouisant, who is not his child or initiated, you can do the following:

On Danbala’s day dress in white.  Put a white banner (piece of cloth) inside your home.  Make sure your home is spotless.  Then clean it out with Frankincense.  At 7 pm, light a small white candle.  Pray the Our Father, Hail Mary, The Creed three times.  Then talk with Danbala Wedo, the Great Serpent.

Want further information on Danbala Wedo?  Click here:

Danbala Wedo