. . . within your Temple, with Regleman, Sosyete  . . .


MISTAKES IN VODOU. . . within your Temple, with Regleman, Sosyete  . . .

Hello everyone, it’s me, Papa Hector, and I’m excited to continue doing these video blogs with you, and keep talking about different subjects, different subjects about spirituality, about me, getting to know y’all a bit more. So, today what I want to talk about is mistakes in Vodou, in the spiritual tradition, and elsewhere as well as with me.


So, the first thing is that I as a spiritual teacher embrace and have the belief that earth is the classroom for the Spirit or the soul. So therefore you’re going to make mistakes. You can’t get an A in every single class. You’re not going to pass with a hundred in every single area or subject of your life. You’re going to make mistakes. Mistakes happen, such is life, se la vi, anyone who knows me knows that they hear that constantly coming out of my mouth, se la vi, such is life. So it’s not about whether or not you make mistakes, it’s whether or not you take responsibility for those mistakes.


Now, when it comes to making mistakes in Vodou and making mistakes in the Regleman and la Regla and the way that we do things…one should acknowledge one’s mistakes and yet come to understand that acknowledging one’s mistakes and asking for forgiveness for one’s mistakes doesn’t mean that the Spirit still is not gonna require you to pay a penance or balance out the situation. The Spirit is all about balance and it’s going to rebalance out the situation and you may have to pay for some of your mistakes, take your punishment with resignation, deal with it and move on with life. Such is life, se la vi.


Number two is, a lot of common mistakes that a lot of people make – woo! – a lot of people make, is they make a mistake with their godparent or their temple, their Mama, their Papa, their Madrino, their Padrino, Mama Kanzo, Papa Kanzo, whatever it is…and/or their temple. And if you’re in the Vodou, and you’re an initiate in the temple and you’re a member of the temple, then you’re a child of the temple, you’re a ti-fey of the temple. A little leaf on the branch. And we expect that you’re gonna make mistakes.


If you make a mistake with your godparent, ask for forgiveness and deal with the fact that the Spirit is going to cause balance, respecting the law and causing balance with all things as the Spirit does. So just take that into account, and take into account that you’re going to experience the rubber-band effect of the balance that’s going to have to occur from the Spirit’s end. Bear your cross with resignation, acknowledge your mistake, ask for forgiveness, be sincere, and then get over it and move on.


If you have a godparent or a Mama or a Papa…me, I’m Papa Hector. I expect people to make mistakes, and therefore part of my job as a Houngan, as a Priest, as a Papa Hector, as being Papa Hector, is to expect that people are going to make mistakes, and se la vi, not holding mistakes against people. I’ve had many people who come back to me, who have made mistakes with me, who are scared to come back, or some people who have actually written to me, you know, I’ve been away because I’ve made such mistakes, and I’ve been scared or fearful to come back or what you would say, etc. Let me let you know this about me, is that I’m Papa Hector, and what that means is that, you know, as long as you’re sincere, you come back, you’re asking for forgiveness, you’re coming at me right, and you’re coming sincere, and you’re ready to do what it takes to resolve the situation, then there’s no need to fear and the situation can be resolved.


Just because, now, I’m Papa Hector, I’m a Houngan of Vodou, I practice Sanse, 21 Divisions, does that mean that just because I forgive the mistake that I forgot the mistake? Hell, no. Does that mean that we’re going to have the same relationship that we had before? Probably not. But we can rebuild some bonds of trust and working together and resolving things and moving towards a positive state and getting there. So that is how it works. Now, if you make mistakes with your temple, it’s the same thing, you know, ask for forgiveness of the temple, be man or woman enough to man up/woman up and basically say look, I’ve made this mistake against the temple, and I’m asking for forgiveness.


If you’ve left your temple and you’re returning because you’ve made a mistake, whatever the situation may be, you should go back and make an offering to the Spirits of the temple, the same thing with a godparent. You should make an offering to the head Spirits of the godparent, the head Spirits of the temple, the met kayla, that everything can be set right there, so that you can be held in a position of honour, and then again expect the Spirits to balance the situation out and to cause balance with everything, and such is life! You can’t worry about that, you just have to deal with what you have to deal with…


I’ve had a lot of people commit mistakes against me, lie on me, slander on me, you know, talk bad about me, do negative things to me, try to harm me, etc, and some of the things that I can recount to people, I have yet met someone who would have said that they would have forgiven a person for doing that mistake. And yet I’ve forgiven people for doing such mistakes, because I understand the world and the spiritual world and how this really works. And so I have that capacity to forgive all mistakes. I have that capacity to be able to look past that, look at the true you and the true nature of who you really are and where your heart is at. So that doesn’t matter to me.


But if you’re working on, you know, getting forgiveness of others, you should also be working on forgiving others yourself. Because you can’t expect to get what you’re not giving, you can’t expect for forgiveness and smooth sailing and smooth waters with other people, if you’re not doing the same thing, forgiving yourself as well as forgiving other people yourself. OK? You have to put that energy out so it’s coming back, vire byen, tounen byen, when you put out good, the good comes back, when you put out bad, bad comes back, that’s very basic Vodou for you.


And when you make mistakes with others, apply the same rules, like, pay respect to each other and individuals, take, you know, what’s going to be taken, some people are not gonna forgive you for your mistakes, some people are. And accept whatever you have to accept and move on with your life. Se la vi, such is life. You know, if the person doesn’t accept your apology, or doesn’t accept you coming back and doesn’t forgive you, then you work on forgiving more people your own self.


And if they can’t accept that, clear yourself of that…it’s up to them when they wanna accept that apology. If they choose never to go back into having a connection or a relationship with you in the same format, accept that as well, that’s an individual choice of that individual. And that’s to be expected. Because there is as with everything some cause and effect and you can’t expect everything to be washed away because you say “I’m sorry”. So, if that’s the situation that you have going on in your life, then this is how we properly as Vodouisants deal with making mistakes, which is what we’re all expected to do. So I hope that this has helped you,

until next time,

keep the faith.

Papa Hector.


Entitlement in Vodou and Other ATRS

Entitlement in Vodou and Other ATRS


Hello, today what I wanna talk about is entitlement. So that’s the topic here of this video – entitlement. And entitlement is something that I see unfortunately all the time, especially amongst the African Traditional Religions, the ATRs, whatever it is you want to call them, the traditions of the Caribbean, and the traditions that have come here. And there is unfortunately entitlement all the way round in many different ways and that’s what I want to come to today…


So first and foremost before I get into entitlement this is what I wanna say to you. I wanna say to you that you can’t buy the Spirit. I know that this is something that a lot of people don’t want to hear, a lot of people don’t wanna know, you can’t buy the Spirit. What that means is: maybe you could buy a bad Spirit, everybody knows that there is hot pwen that they sell, everybody knows that there are hot Spirits that they sell, that there’s negative entities that are sold and traded for Spiritual work…I’m not talking about that Spirit, I’m talking about the good Spirit. You can’t buy that. You can’t buy spiritual gifts and spiritual abilities, OK?


No matter how much you try, no matter how hard you want to, no matter what you do, that can’t be bought. And it’s something that you either have or you don’t have, something that’s either developed or not developed. You can’t buy those things. Those things are just not things that can be bought and sold. So that includes via initiation.


What do I mean by that? It means that getting an initiation doesn’t get you the Spirit. Having initiation doesn’t mean you’ll have the Spirit. If you don’t have the Spirit in you, you ain’t gonna get the Spirit via initiation. This is why a lot of people be running around from House to House, place to place, thing to thing…jumping here and there and everywhere, and don’t understand why – why their things don’t work, why it doesn’t work for them…It’s because it doesn’t matter what initiation you take. You can’t buy the Spirit.


It doesn’t matter what initiation you have. It doesn’t matter what ceremony you undergo. Only if you have the Spirit do those ceremonies really make much difference as far as your spiritual abilities, gifts and your overall picture of your life. I know that this is gonna bust a lot of people’s bubble. It’s gonna pop the balloon, you understand? But it’s something that quite honestly I’m a little bit tired about, tired of hearing about…tired of seeing, is that people think that somehow they can buy the Spirit. And they think that the Spirit is for sale.


Initiation ceremonies may be for sale because there’s labour, costs, materials, supplies, assistance etc that need to be paid for, and the ritual can be done. You can’t buy the Spirit, however. You can’t buy the spiritual gifts to help connect you to the Spirit. Initiation may help change your life, may cause changes in your life, etc, but…if you don’t have the Spirit, that’s through the power of your initiator. That’s not through your own Spirit that that’s happening. It’s through the Spirit that’s with your initiators.


We have a saying that everyone has Spirits. But don’t get this twisted with meaning that everyone has Spirits to work with, everyone has Spirits to work, everyone has Spirits that can read, do readings, do divinations, everyone has Spirits that they can communicate with, or even others can communicate with! So you can have a Spirit, that doesn’t mean nothing. That doesn’t mean that you will be able to work with that Spirit, that doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to contact that Spirit, OK?


So, I say that because a lot of people think that if they go somewhere and buy an initiation, and so now they have the title of this, and the title of that, and they’re a priest, they’re a priestess, whatever…that somehow that buys them the Spirit, that somehow that means something to me. It may mean something to people, but it means nothing to me. Because I know people that don’t have any ceremony done on them who have the Spirit (or had the Spirit), and that Spirit work, that Spirit do what it gotta do – with or without ceremony on them.


So when you are claiming that you are a Houngan or Mambo, a Priest or Priestess of this or that, a Bocor, a Santero, a Santera – whatever you wanna call yourself, OK – to me and the way that I grew up, in my culture, it’s experience, results and proof that validates that. It’s those things that validate your Spirit and your Spirit’s capacity to work. It’s that which makes you really the Priest or the Priestess, the Houngan, the Mambo, the Shaman…the Santero, the Bocor, the this or that. OK? It’s not having a ceremony. That don’t mean nothing.


How does that go along with the topic of this video which is entitlement? That goes along with the topic of entitlement because…a lot of people think that because they’ve been initiated, that that somehow entitles them to learning or information. Let me tell you something. That in other countries and the countries which these traditions stem from, it’s very different than out here. Out here, I mean US, Europe…outside of Haiti, outside of the DR, outside of Puerto Rico. In those countries, everyone who’s grown up in the culture, who’s in the culture, who knows the culture, knows that you’re not entitled to anything!


You’re not entitled to any information, even if you do have an initiation. That’s up to your mentor, your teacher, your godparent, your mama, your papa, whoever that is. You’re not entitled to go and work with any Spirit and just do whatever you want. That’s up to those people. Those people that you say you put your hands in, you put your head in, that you supposed to trust and follow that person’s guidance, etc.


And if you’re having a problem with your mentor, with who’s guiding you, in our culture, in our tradition, you check yourself first. What that means is, look at yourself first. Don’t go to look to blame that person who’s guiding you. Look to blame yourself. Find the needle in your own eye, the straw in your own eye, before going to look to pick something out of somebody else’s, OK? Because a lot of times you may not know why the teacher, why your mentor is doing things the way that they are doing things, for you. That’s why you put yourself in their hands. Because you supposedly, supertemente, trust them.  So, that’s another thing. Don’t try to determine or base how things are in other Western religions, Eastern religions, etc, onto us. Because that’s not the way that these traditions work.


People think that they have a right to, deserve, or have an entitlement towards knowledge and information in these traditions, that’s not the way these traditions work. You earn that. You earn that via service in your temple, via what you do for the Spirit. The Spirit decides when it’s time for you to have what you need to have. That’s number two.


Number three is, another thing that people feel really entitled to, or entitled about, is their entitlement for what the Spirits should or shouldn’t do for them. So let me break this down a little bit for you. Number one: if you’re not a devotee of the Spirit, you can’t expect that much of the Spirit. So if you’re not somebody who’s a practitioner who serves the Spirit, who works with the Spirit, you can’t expect that much from the Spirit. If the Spirits say they’re gonna help you, yeah, you expect that they’ll help. But you can’t expect that the Spirits gonna carry everything for you, or that they’re gonna be working for you forever or helping you forever…


Number two…what you should expect from the Spirit, depends on the agreement that’s made with the Spirit. And what you should expect from the Spirit, should also depend on your level of commitment to the Spirit. There’s a reason why Houngans, Mambos, Priests, Priestesses, Shamans, Bocors etc, live the way that they do. There’s a commitment to the Spirit. And that Spirit has a commitment back. You can’t expect the Spirit to work with you your whole life if your whole life isn’t committed back to the Spirit. There’s certain benefits, just as there are certain cons, certain sacrifices that are made, to be a Priest, a Priestess, a Houngan, a Mambo, an initiate, whatever. There are certain benefits that come with that and only come with that, do not come with other things, do not come when you have a work done, do not come when you have a spell done, a wanga, take a spiritual bath, make an offering. OK?


…My grandmother used to say, and this is so true, never expect the Spirit to answer something that your brain should answer for you. Aka, if you either know the answer, have the means to know the answer or could by using your brain figure out the answer, don’t expect the Spirit to give you the answer to that. Or even give you sometimes the proper answer. Because…the Spirit is not here just to do your work for you. It’s not to live your life for you, do what you’re supposed to do on your own for you. God helps those who help themselves, that means you have to do your own work, your own figuring things out, your own knowing about what your life is about.


Number two is don’t expect a Spirit to do what you should do for yourself, what you have the capacity to do for yourself. Aka, don’t expect the Spirit to go put in job applications. Don’t expect the Spirit to go out at night to meet someone for you. These are things that you need to do yourself. Don’t expect the Spirit to substitute for hard work. Don’t expect the Spirit to substitute for actually making an effort in life, for actually making a plan and actually following through with things and actually doing things. OK? So, that’s the next level of entitlement.


Number three is, people who do serve the Spirit, work with the Spirit, etc, when there’s two or three things that you ask for, and you get them, there’s twenty other things that the Spirit did for you behind your back that you didn’t even know about. When a spell or ritual or work manifests, the manifestation that you see, the positive result that you see is only a small fraction of fifty other things that had to be done for that outcome to come together for you. So, when you don’t see things exactly this way or that way or whatever way you may want them, take into account everything else that’s always being done for you and that you don’t hear about, you don’t know about, you don’t get to know about. So, that’s the next level of entitlement.


The next level of entitlement comes from people towards the spiritual worker, towards the Houngan, Mambo, Priest, etc. Number one is, you’re not entitled to free information, free knowledge, free this, free that…Number two is, there’s a reason why our tradition were secret and many secrets still exist and many things are still kept secret, it’s because you have to be in to know. You can’t expect to know if you’re out. So there’s many powerful things that are very dangerous tools in the hands of the wrong people…


Number three is, expect to pay for your services. Pay for what’s done for you, pay for the help that’s done for you. Pay for the time that’s being spent on you, that’s being spent out of that person, that spiritual worker’s, time, their life, to help you – or to initiate you, to guide you, whatever. Honour your godparent. If you have a godparent you need to honour your godparent. I wish all my godparents were still alive. I have some living godparents but I wish that all of them were still alive.


You have to honour your godparent. When you go to Haiti, when you go to the DR, woah! Temples there, how things are run there, are way different than how they’re run here. There, they honour the Houngan, the Mambos, the Bocors, the Caballos de Misterio…they honour that person who’s running those ceremonies, who’s doing that…they make sure that everything is taken care of so that person is focussing on what’s the most important job in those ceremonies, that only they can do. So you need to honour your godparent. Honour your temple. Honour where you come from…otherwise you ain’t gonna get honour where you’re going. That’s how it works.


That’s why Honour and Respect is something we constantly repeat over and over in Vodou. Honour your initiation, honour your ceremonies that you’ve received, honour secrets. Secrets should be kept that way: secret. If you don’t know how to keep a secret these traditions ain’t for you.


We don’t haggle over money. Is it expensive to get spiritual work done in these traditions? If you want a good Priest, Priestess, Houngan or Mambo to do it for you, yes, it’s expensive. Just like if you want a good lawyer, a good doctor, you gonna pay top dollar for top doctor, top lawyer. It’s expensive. You get what you pay for. Why is it expensive? Because we know what we do works. You want cheap? There’s cheap people out there, we’ll see you later. When you go five million places and waste a whole bunch of money with cheap practitioners. Where it don’t work. Then we got to clean up a mess for you. That’s if they do the work at all. Our work works, it’s time-consuming. It’s energy-consuming. People who are really doing this work, are very drained from their energy very often to do this work.


Which comes to my next point on entitlement with the spiritual worker. People e-mail and call spiritual workers, and I know this from my own experience as well as many spiritual workers who are students of mine, godchildren of mine and also friends of mine, and they think that spiritual workers, we’re just sitting here to wait hand and foot on you, on your phone call, your e-mail…And I’m sorry to explain this to you, but in order for us to do spiritual work we’ve got to do spiritual work. It means we can’t be sitting on the computer, on the phone, all day, all night. We gotta actually do the work. And when we’re doing consultation, we got to do consultation.


If you have questions about something that needs the answer from the spirits then you should get a consultation. That’s the proper way of doing things.  In these traditions, you don’t take out what you don’t put in. That’s how it works, you put in to take out…


So, if your spiritual worker takes some time to get back to you, be calm, be patient, take into account who you’re working with, how many clients does that person have on board, how busy is that person. Because after a day’s worth of magic or a day’s worth of sessions, appointments, consultations, all day long, your spiritual worker may be too tired because they don’t have the energy, because the energy’s been used up in the work and the consultations, to get back to you that day or the next day. It may take a while for that person to get back to you. Give them a chance to get back to you. Be patient.


The next thing is that people expect that the spiritual worker is on beck and call, the spiritual worker isn’t on beck and call, if they’re actually doing spiritual work, they’re not on beck and call. They can’t be sitting on the computer and lighting the candles and doing the prayers and the offerings and everything else that needs to be done.

And then, the last entitlement that I wanna talk about, actually has to do from people to other people. In general, people are really entitled. People for some reason expect or have a thought, a belief, and therefore an expectation that they deserve certain responses from other people, certain attitudes from other people etc…And that they deserve certain things from other individuals in life in general.


One thing that I was taught a long time ago, and it holds true, in life, don’t nobody owe you nothing. Meaning, even your own parents don’t owe you nothing. Meaning, if they don’t take care of you, it’s because technically, although they should have, although it might have been the proper thing to do…true debts, God finds a way to take, aka, don’t nobody owe you nothing. Otherwise, it would have been given to you…


What you have is what you work for but at the same time, nobody owes you to give you another chance, to be in a relationship with you, to give you a certain job, etc. You have to work towards those things…and nobody owes you certain things when it comes to personal interactions or relationships, and what I mean is family, friends, romantic relationships, business relationships, etc. And when you take those people for granted and have a constant expectation that you deserve or people owe you something, this is one of the very common reasons why people’s lives turn around and it don’t work, things don’t work out for them and they have issues and problems. If you take away that…many issues in a person’s life can clear up, not all, but many issues.


So, it’s something to think about, it’s something that I check myself, that you should check yourself, everybody should check themselves. What is it that I’m feeling like people owe me and what people give me rather than I give others? What is the experience that people have of me? What is the experience that I want others to have of me? What can I give to another rather than just take? How can I create relationships of balance? Symbiosis, symbiotic relationships? These are all things to think about.


So, those are just some meditations there, some thoughts on entitlement in our traditions, as well as life. And I hope you’ve enjoyed my video, we’ll speak soon, God bless. Until next time, keep the faith. Papa Hector.



St. John the Baptist


St. John the Baptist

Alright. So, like I promised you in another video, I’m making this video on St. John the Baptist. It’s me, Papa Hector here.

So, first off, is that St. John the Baptist holds a very special place for me, in my heart, in my world, in my life, because St. John the Baptist a) is the patron, the male patron, the saint of Puerto Rico, and b) is one of the patrons of one of my own teachers and mentors. And so I’ve always felt and had a very close connection with St. John the Baptist.

St. John the Baptist in all of the Mystery traditions. What do I mean by Mystery traditions? What I mean by that is the Vodou-based traditions, the traditions that work with Mysteries, that work with lwa. So, Dominican Vodou, 21 Divisions, in Haitian Vodou and in Sanse, St. John the Baptist holds a very strong and important position. I’m not going to go in through all the Mysteries that St John the Baptist holds in each tradition but I’m gonna actually go into…a practice that we used to do back in the day for St. John the Baptist.

And it used to be popular to do this in Puerto Rico, was to at twelve midnight on St. John’s Eve…to have a bonfire going on the beach. And to jump over the bonfire as you ran into the water, as you went to go run into the water, and dip yourself twelve times at twelve midnight on St. John’s Eve…and then go run back and jump back over the fire as you’re coming back.

This is a special cleansing and a protection that’s done on the patronage of St. John the Baptist because St. John the Baptist is a mystery that contains elements of both fire and salt water. He’s a very powerful mystery. And he also connects with even fresh water. But, we do it at the beach because the salt water removes all that is salao, everything that is salty on you, bitter, any negative energy. Negative energy is often referred to as being salao or a person with negative energy has been salao, meaning they’ve been salted, somebody done thrown salt on them…thrown salt on their name. That’s why that expression comes up. So they’ve been salted.

So, it removes through the law of attraction, the sea salt removes any negative spiritual salt and attracts it into the sea water, from off the person, and the jumping over the fire is actually a reinforcement of the protection the fire gives you. So it’s asking with St. John’s patronage the protection of the fire element within the bonfire and from the Holy Spirit because the fire is representative of the power of the Holy Spirit. So, that’s what we used to do back in the day, and usually I’d be in Puerto Rico at this time, or I’d be in Dominican Republic, and that’s what we would do with my mentor and we would take a whole bunch of people out and it was really a great time to be had because we would have a little, you know, party at the beach beforehand, have our ritual at the end of the night, and then go back and have a little bit more of a party.

So, that’s St. John the Baptist. St. John the Baptist is an important spirit because if you know anything about the biblical text about St. John the Baptist, he is St. John the Baptist because he baptised Jesus. And you have to be a pretty important, special soul to have baptised Jesus, especially in the bible.

And the fact that that was such an important element that it was left in the bible – because we all know that the bible as you have it today is not the bible as it really is because the bible in essence was changed so many times by so many individuals, right – the fact that it was left in there just goes to show you how significant that moment is and how significant, how important that is in the Christian tradition.

And he is representative of various Mysteries because St. John the Baptist is one of those images that can be associated with various Mysteries and connected with various Mysteries. One of the things about St. John the Baptist also in DR is that there is a hole of St. John the Baptist where that hole fills up mysteriously with water, it’s one of the miracles of St. John the Baptist. These are the things that a lot of people don’t know about and these are a few things that it’s normal if you would have grown up in the culture to have either known, heard or seen these things or participated in these things.

And back when my mentors were alive, my teacher was alive, she would hold Misa near to St. John the Baptist’s feast day. And we have a special ritual that’s done, that was done amongst us specially like people that she prepared, people that she taught, for St. John the Baptist and to call upon that power that is especially at a heightened level during this time of the year.

And the feast of St. John the Baptist corresponds with the summer solstice, when the sun is at the height of its power. So remember that the mystery religions, the mystery traditions…they’re very connected with the earth, nature, agriculture, the natural cycle of things. So this date is actually a very important date for many Vodouisants, many Sansistas, many Caballos de Misterio, Servidores de Misterios, etc.

So if you’ve never heard of St. John the Baptist, don’t know about St. John the Baptist, if you have a mentor, a teacher, a godparent, maybe this is something for you to look into or ask about. As far as the Mysteries of St. John the Baptist and how I work with those, how our lineage works with those, that’s something that I teach to my own people…

But I hope that I’ve illuminated some of the importance of this Mystery. Because there’s many Mysteries that we commonly talk about all the time, who are important and who are major Mysteries, but St. John the Baptist is one of those major, important Mysteries who we don’t talk about quite as much. So I hope this has illuminated something for you, has opened something up for you, God bless you, keep the faith, until next time I’m signing off, it’s Papa Hector.

Happy Summer Solstice from Papa Hector

Happy Summer Solstice from Papa Hector

Hello everyone and I wanna say Happy 2016 from me, Papa Hector, where it’s June 20th, we’re about halfway through the middle of the year, and I hope that you’ve been manifesting a lot of your goals, your dreams and your desires. And I hope that you’ve been able to achieve what it is you wanted to achieve this year.

I just wanted to do a check in with all of you guys, with all my subscribers, everyone who watches my videos, and let you know what’s been going on with me most of 2016. So, all of 2016 so far I’ve been doing a lot of travelling for spiritual work, doing initiations, house cleansings, removal of lots of negative spirits. It seems this year that we’ve had a lot of cases where there’s people that have negative spirits attached to them. It’s unfortunate but it’s true, and it’s unfortunate but it’s good that they finally came in and were finally able to find the help to get the negative spirits removed from them.

So we’ve been doing that, we had a number of ceremonies, we had a Gypsy Misa, we’ve had several others Misas so far within the year…I’ve done lots of workshops and new classes on mysticalwork.com, we’ve had a lot of testimonials come in this year. As everyone knows I only take a very limited number of cases each month so that being the case, we’ve gotten an awesome amount of testimonials – many testimonials so far for the point where we’re at it in this year already. So it’s really great.

We have the Three Keys to Power programme…myself as well as Priestess Shoshana have been working together to offer this really marvellous, really potent, powerful, strong course of information, of spiritual knowledge, for which you can use to change your life. And we’ve already started Round 1 of that programme, and we’ve actually had such a big response from it that we’re planning to have a Round 2. The year has been so busy that we had actually originally planned to start it by now, but we haven’t been really able to get that together in the schedule. So, looking forward to starting, you know, a second group of students going through the Three Keys to Power programme later on this year. And I will probably be mentioning that or talking about that further in other videos.

We have second year students who are doing marvellously with their work, as well as people have completed their second year of coursework this year and are now moving on to the third year. And they’ve made tonnes of growth, leaps and bounds of growth and it’s been really exciting to see them grow and change and find what they want in their life and also really delve deeply into the Sanse work which is really powerful work that really does change and transform lives.

So I’ve been to Holland this year, I’ve been to the Dominican Republic several times, anyone who’s worked with me or who knows me knows that for a certain type of magical work, certain type of spiritual work, we only do in the Dominican Republic, we only do in Haiti, because it’s stronger there, there are certain items, certain materials that we can only get there, there’s certain things we can only do there.

So I’ve done that, and I’ve made various other trips. I’ve been to New Orleans, I met a lot of great people, a lot of great new people in New Orleans, made connections with a lot of great friends of mine, other priests and priestesses that I’ve known for a long time, and got to enjoy spending time with them as well as going and doing ceremony and ritual with everyone.

So, that’s where I’ve been at all my year, and it’s really my intention to get as many videos out here as possible, to start making videos more regularly for y’all, and I know that…you wait on that, and I know that…I’ve been telling you that I’ve been trying to get more and more videos out here. It’s just been a crazy year! And hopefully it’s been a crazy good year for you too, because it’s been a crazy good year for me. And, yeah, that’s where we’re at with things.

So just to give you some thoughts and let you know what’s going on forward, leaping forward for this year, I’m gonna make the next video right after this one to talk about St. John the Baptist. St. John the Baptist is a really important spirit to me, and I would like to talk about him to you too so you can get to know who he is.

So that’s one and two, number three is that we just finished having a Misa, next month I’m really excited because, first of all, next month, for those of you who are really close to me, next month’s my birthday, so Happy Birthday to me…but more importantly, we have the Anaisa ceremony which is one of the biggest ceremonies that Sosyete Gade nou Leve – Gade nou Leve, ‘Watch Us Rise’ Temple Society – holds every year. And it’s one of our bigger, well-known ceremonies that we hold annually and we’ve been holding it annually for a lot of years, which I’m not even gonna try to count back at this point. So, ten plus years we’ve been having the annual Anaisa ceremony.

So I’m really excited, but I’m extra excited this year because I’m gonna be having my students, initiates, the members of the Temple, coming from all over the world! And we’re gonna be holding Temple member only workshops, Temple member only classes, Temple member only learning, rituals, and it’s gonna be a week of fun for me and the Temple members. And a lot of time for everyone to get to know each other, connect, spend time with each other and have lots of fun enjoying our spiritual work and, you know, talking! And getting to be with each other.

So I’m really excited about that and we have the big Anaisa ceremony coming on July 30th 2016 at 3pm at the Temple, and it will be no different than any other year except that I will have all my students – many of my students and many of my spiritual family members there present which makes it a really exciting time for me and I’m really excited to do that.

And August so far, we have possible marriage ceremonies coming up, we have spirit marriages, we have all kinds of good things coming through on the rest of the year. I hope to be able to do a video again to catch you up because really the thing about it is, number one, is it’s faster for me to do these videos for you and get you in the loop than it is for me to type everything out. Number two is that, I don’t really…the problem with me doing the videos and doing them regularly is that I like to do them here in the office, this is my office next to my altar room. And because of all the travel and how crazy it’s been, I haven’t gotten to do that. So I’m gonna see if I can start doing more videos, maybe on my phone or something.

And until next time, I hope that you’re enjoying the summer solstice, I hope that you’re enjoying this time, it’s finally getting warm here, hot enough to be considered hot. So I hope that you’re enjoying whatever weather pattern that you’re involved in at this point, and speak to you soon.

God bless.

Papa Hector



Lave Tet Ceremony coming up



The Lave Tet ceremony is one of the most powerful, life changing, transformational ceremonies that a person can undergo.   Lave Tet means to wash the head and being that your head is the seat of your person, there is nothing like it.  I have conducted, participated and assisted in dozens of Lave Tet ceremonies and enjoyed seeing people grow, progress and be able to manifest a new existence due to it’s power.

I hope you are having an exciting 2016!  This year has been a very busy whirlwind for me, it has been so exciting with many new things happening and much traveling this year!

Well, it’s been a long long time . . . and people have been begging me to offer it, to do it, and well, it’s finally here!   And so, I want to make sure that everyone who has been asking me and wanting one from me, gets to know.

Gade Nou Leve Society will be holding a Lave Tet this September 2016!

If you don’t know what a Lave Tet is, you can learn about it here.

If you do, and you want to take this chance to get in . . . email Soley at help@greatestspells.com

Because the honest truth is . . .

It may be quite some time before I offer another one publicly like this.

If you are someone who is just starting on working on your spiritual development, or you need a really intense strong spiritual cleansing, or you want to get your life set straight . . . this is very likely the ceremony you need!

There are a few requirements however in order to be able to participate in this beautiful, intense and clarifying ceremony, and they are:

  1.  You must have a consultation with me and the Spirits.  You can order one of those here: Spiritual Consultation
  2. This ceremony is done in person and requires 4 days, but you will need to be here for almost 5.
  3.  You understand that if you are undergoing this ceremony for your spiritual development and to begin the path of Vodou, you need to make a commitment to your Spirits, yourself and your development.
  4.  Understand that although Lave Tet is a wonderful ceremony, and most people can undergo it, Lave Tet is not for everyone and in some cases, may not be appropriate.  This is why having the Spiritual consultation is a necessary first step.

Once you are Lave Tet, you are eligible to apply for Membership into our Society.

Prayers to Anaisa





As a response to a request that we received here, I have put up the prayers that are for St. Anne, which is the Saint associated with Anaisa Pye.  Anaisa Pye is a very popular Misterio of the 21 Divisiones.  You can use traditional prayers to St. Anne to open up a conversation with her after doing the appropriate offerings and services.

After using these prayers to open up the dialogue, speak and Pray from your heart with all Sincerity.

You can learn more about Anaisa Here

Prayers to Saint Anne:

Good Saint Anne, you were especially favored by God to be the mother of the most holy Virgin Mary, the Mother of our Savior. By your power with your most pure daughter and with her divine Son, kindly obtain for us the grace and the favor we now seek. Please secure for us also forgiveness of our past sins, the strength to perform faithfully our daily duties and the help we need to persevere in the love of Jesus and Mary. Amen.

Dear Saint Anne, we know nothing about you except your name. But you gave us the Mother of God who called herself handmaid of the Lord. In your home you raised the Queen of Heaven and are rightly the model of homemakers. In your womb came to dwell the new Eve uniquely conceived without sin. Intercede for us that we too may remain free from sin. Amen.
Glorious Saint Anne, we think of you as filled with compassion for those who invoke you and with love for those who suffer. Heavily laden with the weight of my troubles, I cast myself at your feet and humbly beg of you to take the present affair which I recommend to you under you special protection.

(Mention the request.)

Deign to commend it to your daughter, our Blessed Lady, and lay it before the throne of Jesus, so that He may bring it to a happy conclusion. Cease not to intercede for me until my request is granted. Above all, obtain for me the grace of one day beholding my God face to face. With you and Mary and all the saints, may I praise and bless Him for all eternity.

Good Saint Anne, mother of her who is our life, our sweetness and our hope, pray for me. Amen.

Filled with compassion for those who invoke you and with love for those who suffer,
heavily laden with the weight of my troubles, I cast myself at your feet and humbly beg you
to take the present affair which I commend to you under your special protection.

(Mention the request.)

Deign to commend it to your daughter, the Blessed Virgin Mary, and lay it before
the throne of Jesus, so that He may bring it to a happy issue.

Cease not to intercede for me until my request is granted.

Above all, obtain for me the grace of one day beholding my God face to face, and with you and Mary
and all the saints, praising and blessing Him for all eternity.

Pray for us, St. Anne. that we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

Last Call for Spiritual Cleansing Basics Workshop

Last Call for Spiritual Cleansing Workshop . . .. .

We’ll be having our Spiritual Cleansing Workshop, and if you haven’t already registered for your seat, I wanted to send you a last reminder and invitation to join us. . . it’s going to be an awesome class you won’t want to miss out on.

So, You can register here and we will see you there.

If you have already registered, can’t wait to speak with you on the call.

And if you can’t make it live, don’t worry.  Class will be recorded so you can access in your Free account.

Until next time,
Keep the faith,
Papa Hector


So I was thinking about how negativity affects peoples’ sleep so deeply and so badly. . .

And how important dreaming is Spiritually.

Spiritually, dreaming is very important as it is a means of spiritual communication and guidance.

Without your guidance, you can and will be very lost.

So this is just one way that negativity blocks you . . . it will block you from even getting any help out of a situation . . .

including but not limited to even knowing how to handle a situation or move forward.

Negativity is known for blocking positive avenues and this situation with your rest, sleeping and dreaming only sets you up for one failure after another. For longer and stronger problems and issues in your life.

So I want to give you this article that I wrote a while back on just the topic of Spirituality and Dreaming.

Learn more about Spirituality and Dreaming here:

Keep the Faith,

Papa Hector

PS- If you haven’t claimed your spot yet, don’t waste another minute at our Spiritual Cleansing Basics Workshop Teleclass.