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Ogou Feray Ceremony Pictures

Feray's Ceremonial Table

“It’s okay to be angry but be angry with the right person  . . . And make that anger benefit you by becoming action “~ Ogou Feray ~ Vodou Ceremony 2017

These were some of the powerfu words of deepl healing that came through during our Ogou Feray Ceremony . . . .
The ceremony and the set up was absolutely amazing.  Garlands of jasmines, marigolds and roses adorned the entire sacred space.  The main altar as well as the ceremonial table were decked out in fine red cloth and candles.  The Veve sparkled and glowed with intensity.
This was a special ceremony as not only did we do some fiery powerful magic, but also one of our Temple’s Mambos organized and set up this ceremony to join forces with Papa Ogou through the incredible ceremony of the  Mystical Marriage.
 Ogou Feray Cake
Some people had the chance to get to take advantage of the overwhelmingly strong forces of Papa Ogou in their lives by participating in the Warrior Ceremony.  Through this powerful Magic, Papa Ogou was sent to assist the lives of many people who are dealing with all sorts of battles and confusion in their lives.
During this ceremony, Papa Ogou advised and counseled a couple, helping their relationship and bonds to grow stronger than ever before.  Through the healing wisdom of Ogou Feray their relationship saw immediate improvements.  Citing stronger passion, more connected-ness and tranquility between them directly after the ceremony.
One of the participants visited me on Monday after the ceremony and told me all about how Papa had already begun to work for her
Although she was unable to make it to the ceremon,y she was astonished by the fact that Papa Ogou had, that very night,  made sure to give her the very same message via an  “epiphany ” about her anger.  Papa Ogou made sure that he got his message accross.
Aside from that, Papa Ogou had also made one of her enemies call her the day after the ceremony, after not having spoken with this person in a long long time, and the enemy made peace with her!
Because after the war, always comes peace…
Keep the Faith,
Papa Hector

St. Expedite Ceremony Feast

St. Expedite Ceremonial Table with Magic

St. Expedites Ceremonial Table with Magic

st expedite magic


St Expedite received a beautiful, intricate and lavish Feast this past weekend and many individuals got their chance to get the opportunity to receive his blessings and assistance.

I wanted to share some pictures of the ceremony table and the magical spells and work that was done.
St Expedite’s presence radiated from his actual feast day and peaked during the ceremony with trembling force.  A sudden strong and powerful lightning storm came suddenly crashing, showing the natural phenomena that occurs and corresponds to confirm speedy and effective changes.
His current is swift and moves like the breeze, is like a flash of a lightning, and the beauty that is felt during the beginning of an intense, sudden and enlivening storm.
Thank you St Expedite!
To all those who took part of our candle burning or magical work during this ceremony, you will be receiving further instructions from me via email shortly.
Until Next Time,
Keep the Faith,
Papa Hector

How to Serve St. Expedite


Here are some commonly asked questions answered for you when working with St. Expedite


When working with St. Expedite you will need to get an image of him and put it in a corner on the wall close to the floor.


To make your petition to him you would start out using a Sabbath candle or a 7 day candle depending on your situation. You can also give a small offering during the time the he is working your case and as you are making the petition.

When your case is complete and you have received your results you should give his offering  very soon after ( remember you got fast results you  should be giving him his offering just as fast)  unless you have promise to give it on a specific day then that is when it should be given.

You can leave offerings out, on the altar, for him 3, 7 or 9 days.

Then once the offering is finished with you can leave it in a crossroads or cemetery.




Moro (smoked Herring, Black beans and rice and a orange with a white Sabbath candle inside) 
Boiled Tubers with peppers


Piman (rum with scotch bonnet peppers steeped in it)
Black Coffee (no sugar)


Red and white roses 
Cigarettes (2 at a time please)


A walking stick
A djakout or Macuto (straw bag)
A black or straw hat
playing cards
glasses with a lens poked out
calabash bowls

I’m going to give you a Free Secret while I am here too .. . . St. Expedite works with Banana leaves in a very powerful magical way . . . my students know how to do it maybe one day you will too!

Until Next Time
Keep the Faith
Papa Hector

PS:   Have you done it yet?  Taken advantage of our Special Ceremony this Weekend to get St. Expedite’s help in your life . . . because the deadline is shortly approaching (Sat morning) and I only have a few spots left.  Check it out here


PPS:  We’ve had a number of people who have been asking to upgrade from the candle to having the full Express Ceremony…. so if you purchased a candle and want to upgrade you can do so by paying the difference here.

Speeding things up with St. Expedite . . .


Do you need to help speed things along?  Are you working towards a goal and progress seems to be as slow as molasses?  Tired of waiting?

Do you ever wonder when the waiting will end?

St Expedite is the Patron of many things, but most importantly he is the patron of moving things along faster and getting things progressing!  Just like his name says , he is known for his ability to Expedite Solutions and results.

If your situation’s progress has

Been blocked
Stopped in its tracks
Been hit by delay after delay
Been detained by others
Is being hindered

St Expedite can help you turn things around and get things moving ….

And finally

Here is your chance to do it

In honor of his feast this year, I’m offering you an opportunity to get things moving forward, faster and better than ever before with a special Powerful Expeditious Ceremony. So that you too can reap the benefit and experience his lightning fast assistance.

If you have a situation that has been slow moving, dragging it’s feet and slowly progressing. Now is the time to put some fire under it and speed into the situation.

The last time we did a ceremony for him my email box was overflowing with testimonials and Thank Yous on how fast people received their results.

People reported getting movement and progress in situations that had been stuck for weeks, months. . . even Years!

It was absolutely insane….

One lady testified  how she was finally able to win a lawsuit after years of being at a standstill.

Another finalized a divorce that had been going on for more than a year ….

One guy got a job just in time as his unemployment was about to run out… and after months of searching unsuccessfully

And on and on I regularly get testimonials from those who participated….

So if you missed out last time here is your chance to finally get things rolling and moving with St. Expedite. . . .

I only have a few spots left and it is this Saturday, April 22, 2017 at 3 pm . . . so the deadline to get in is Saturday morning if there are any spots left.   So click here to speed up your solutions

Papa Hector

PS- If you already got in on the ceremony, Congrats! I am making a special offering today, St Expedite’s Official Feast Day, for all those who already took advantage of this powerful opportunity.   On Saturday, your ceremonial work will be done.




On Saturday, March 25th, we did a very powerful ceremony to break the chains of confinement, entrapment and isolation from many individuals. It was an exciting time and a very powerful magical experience.  Ezili Danto, Queen of the Petro spirits, broke the chains of entrapment for 9 people and people are already noticing and getting very favorable results.

One individual had already reported being able to finally get a raise that had been promised her over 2 years ago

One guy who took advantage of this amazing opportunity has emailed a thank you letter to Danto for making a huge breakthrough in a court case

Another person reported his enemy moving away only two days after the ceremony

I can’t wait to hear about all the other great results to come for all our other participants. . .

So the candles have finally burned out and I am putting the finishing touches on the powerful magic that Ezili Danto did for 9 people to be sent out to them. . . . so that they can experience the beauty of total Freedom to the Max!

And I wanted to share some pics with all of you, especially those of you who took a step towards Freedom, Liberation and Success in Your Lives.


Keep the Faith

Papa Hector



Yesterday, I got to enjoy the cemetery and all it’s glory.

I worked some magic, called on Baron and sent out force to all of my clients!

This Cemetery was special, it had four pillars each with a Key hole — Luckily, I already have the keys to the Underworld to gain access : )



Hope you enjoyed the 13th,

And if you are subscribed to my newsletter, I sent you out some tips yesterday to your email on how to utilize the 13th to your advantage.

If you aren’t subscribed, then you might want to do so now . . . so you don’t miss out on the goodies I’m giving out this year.


Keep the Faith,
Papa Hector


Stolen Lwa


Stolen Lwa

Hello everyone, it’s me Papa Hector here, and today I wanna share a video with you on something known as stealing a person’s Lwa. This is a question that I get quite often, and recently someone’s asked me the question again, so since it’s a question that I answer so frequently, it’s something I decided to make a video for.

So a common thing, or a common worry / fear / complaint that people have is that their Lwa might get stolen from them and can someone actually steal your Lwa. And the answer can be a little bit confusing because it’s a little bit of a tricky answer. The fact of the matter is that no one can really steal your Lwa but they can block you from that Lwa, they can use your Lwa, even use your Lwa against you, and they can make it difficult for you to access that Lwa.

So, let me explain: no one can technically steal your Lwa because technically speaking, your Lwa never actually fully detaches from you when someone goes ahead and works to use your Lwa or block your Lwa from reaching you or from you and the Lwa having communication. So, the Lwa can technically be brought back to you and brought back to work for you.

However, people can steal your Lwa, so to speak, because they can go ahead and they can block you and the communication from you…from you having communication with your Lwa, they can take your Lwa and have your Lwa working for them, make your Lwa work for them instead of for you, and…you will experience issues and problems that come from not having that connection working for you with your Lwa.

So, in a way they can steal your Lwa, kind of…meaning, like, they can’t detach it from you, but they can block it from communicating with you, they can block it from helping you, they can take it and use it for their own gain, their own means, they can even use it to attack or harm you.

And a lot of times what happens is people will block the communication between a person and that person’s Lwa, and then go ahead and take that Lwa and start using that Lwa to work for him or her. And exhausting that Lwa, using that Lwa up without really taking proper care of it, and then very often will let go of the Lwa, allowing the Lwa to go back to where it came from. By that point the Lwa is usually very weak because it hasn’t been taken care of although it is being worked with, and it is being required to work. So it comes back and it’s really weak and it’s unable to really assist the person that it originally belonged to.

So, the answer to “can someone steal your Lwa” is “no, not really” but they can block your Lwa from helping you, from working for you; they can go ahead and work with your Lwa against you or work with it for their own aims, and they can cause you many problems from you not having access to your Lwa. By you not having access to your Lwa, that Lwa is no longer protecting you, it’s no longer guiding you, it’s no longer working for you. So then you’re going to experience problems because of that. Not because the Lwa simply has been stolen but rather because now you have nothing that’s working on your behalf.

So I hope this has clarified that question for many of you, if you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below in the comments section, and also don’t forget to subscribe to the channel which I’ve been meaning to tell everyone to do, but I keep forgetting! So subscribe to my channel so you can keep up to date with all the videos that I’ve been doing and all the videos that will continue to come out.

So until next time, keep the faith, it’s Papa Hector, signing off.

Why Lave Tet

Why one would undergo the Lave Tet

A life changing Vodou ceremony

Since I’ve announced the Lave Tet people have been asking….

 Papa I understand the spiritual benefits of the ceremony,  but are there any other?

 And well, I want to answer this question for you. …

 Yes there are, but in order to understand all the benefits and why, I have to explain to you a bit more about the way the  World really works.

You see in order to understand why the spiritual benefits are so important and powerful,  and to really understand the value and weight that they hold,  we must discuss how and why things in your life work and manifest as they do.

First,  when a problem or a blessing manifests in your physical life, the issue has been being worked on on various levels prior to you seeing anything on the physical level. The first level on which it becomes created is the spiritual world.

Overtime it slowly grows and develops more and more on the physical world. When you undergo a ceremony such as the Lave Tet,  you are undergoing a cleansing clearing and strengthening of your foundation which is your spiritual body. Problems and issues in the spiritual body become manifested in the physical world. The ceremony resets your spiritual body in a clean and strong state.

However, some of the issues that already have a strong root in your spiritual body, or already progressed even further in one of the other phases of manifestation, will be uprooted, drudged up and drawn up.

These issues are the undercurrent energies which are why you are facing certain problems or symptoms of issues in your physical life.  This is why you may have the unexplained “bad luck” or the problem with every male, etc.

Those issues have to be brought to the surface so that you can deal with them, work on them and finally change them so that they are no longer causing negative cycles in your life.

Spiritual Work ain’t always pretty!

You have to deal with those “roots” so that you can be finished with the issue once and for all.  The Lave Tet ill bring them up and make you face them.  It is One of the Most Powerful Ceremonies one can undergo to literally change your life.

So, if you are scared, or aren’t ready to deal with things and issues in your life, or prefer to continue the negative cycles. .  . then I don’t suggest you Lave Tet.

Some of these shifts and changes caused by the Lave Tet happen immediately.  Others take time to rearrange and manifest.  You can expect for it to take about a year (sometimes more) before your life has totally undergone all the shifts and changes that will happen.  It all depends on how much of a mess your life already is to begin with.

Another thing that happens with the Lave Tet is that your head is aligned with your Lwa.  The connection between you and your Spirits is refreshed.  Cleaned out.  Made Stronger.  So therefore, you being guided and making wise, guided decisions in your life, increases.  As you head down the proper roads, your success and luck increases as well.

Because it is not only about who you are or what you got, but it is also about the choices you make, the opportunities you take (or don’t), and what roads you are or aren’t on.

When your life has a stronger intuition, when you are living more in accordance with it and it’s guidance, your life will improve as will the roads you are on, and the part of your life that you make happen will go much better.  I am not saying you will know everything, or will know everything in the future, or become some world class psychic, but your internal navigation will work better and lead you to more success.

If your whole life is a hot mess, if you need a serious change, if you are way off the course or way off track of where you wanted to be in life, then Lave Tet should be a serious consideration.

If you have a cyclical issue, over and over again, you have something then that is deep rooted, Lave Tet might be for you.

Lastly, one of the biggest and most important reasons people undergo the Lave Tet is because they want to develop spiritually, have a deeper connection with their Lwa, and Initiate their relationship with the Sacred as a Blessed Being.  This is another whole post to cover all of the benefits that Lave Tet brings to the table when that is the purpose for which one undergoes it.

A lot of people fall victim to “scams” and other issues due to the fact that they desire convenience.  Spiritual Work is not always convenient, it often requires various sacrifices in order to get things done.  One of the things that I often run into is people who “don’t have the time” or “don’t want to have to travel”  for their Spiritual Work.  Only certain levels of things can be done at a distance.

In fact, I have had many people that have either come to me — either after or before– being scammed due to convenience.

For example, I have a client, who had come to me for many years to help him and effectively did help him.  However, at some point, one of the required steps that was needed for him to get help was that he had to come in person.  He didn’t want to come because it “was far, would add costs, etc”  and thus found someone more local to “help him”.  This local Priest, claimed to know me and be friends with me though he wasn’t, said he could do the prescribed ceremony for him.

Long story short, the ceremony was done wrong.  The problem worsened.  My client ended up coming back, and we had to do even more work to get him right, and then additional work to get the ceremony fixed.

And this has happened countless times. . . .

I’ve also had people who “ran into me or my website first”  only to go to someone else, due to cost, travel or whatever.  Then to return to me telling me about how they were scammed, taken advantage of, etc. . .when the Spirits were clearly sending them here to begin with.

The Lave Tet is one of those ceremonies that is extremely life changing, transformational and and empowering but it does require various sacrifices in order to happen.   This is on both parts of the people doing the Lave Tet and those undergoing the Lave Tet.

But it’s one of those ceremonies that you want to . . . NOT WANT, IN FACT NEED TO . . .  Undergo with the right person.  If not, it will affect you and your life.

The Lave Tet sets you on a new road, a fresh clean road.  A new path in life.  It elevates you.   It is also a ceremony that lets you gain many of the benefits of an Initiate, though not all, without necessarily having all the responsibilities that come with initiation.

Until Next Time,

Keep the Faith,

Papa Hector



and How they are all a reality and relate to each other



and How they are all a reality and relate to each other


Hello everyone, it’s me, Papa Hector. So my family recently took me to go see a movie as a gift. The movie is called the Conjuring 2. And I like movies like this, I’m a movie person, I like to watch movies, but do I believe that such exists and such things can happen? To some extent, yes. So that’s what I actually wanna cover in this video…evil spirits. I just wanna give a little touch upon it.


So, do evil spirits exist? Yes, they do. Do demons exist? Yes, they do. Do false guides exist? Yes, they do. Do evil dead exist? Yes, they do. Can they harm you in ways that they show to harm people in the movie? Yes, they can. Can they harm people in many other ways? Yes, they can. Does it happen? Yes, it does. Does it happen all the time? More often than you think.


So, naturally, because you’re watching a movie, they’re gonna dramatize and to some extent exaggerate things that are along the plot line. You have to make it more fantastical because it’s a movie! But many things happen and do happen that are similar and that do happen that are very close to the same thing even if not exactly the same thing as what happened to individuals there.


And is it true that demons or negative spirits can latch on to individuals? Yes, it is. And there’s a variety of reasons and causes and ways that demons make their way into the body and connect with the body and slowly infest the body. So, that’s something that can happen and does happen all the time, and there’s many symptoms of infestation, and I have seen, witnessed, helped, removed, gotten rid of many such infestations and worse.


So, these are just some of the things that I wanna say about that. And I wanna tell you that if you’ve never experienced evil spirits like this, then it’s kind of hard to believe. And there’s things that I’ve seen and if I told you and you’d never experienced it, then it’s gonna be even harder for you to believe. You’re gonna think I’m cray cray, you’re gonna think I’m crazy or something. So I’m not going to…But there’s many things that if I told you and you had experienced any real demon or negative spirit infestation, you would be like yeah, you would totally believe me, you would totally understand, you would have probably have gone through many of the same things yourself. And that is the power of these things.


Many times…I have many people who came to have these spirits removed and we remove them all the time, and…when they first come in they tell me that a) I never really believed in demons, or b) I didn’t believe in spirits, ghosts, demons, any of that type of thing, c) I’m very religiously devout – yes, they do attach themselves to people who are very devout religiously, whatever way – I’m a very religiously devout person, or, you know, I’m a very good Christian, Muslim, etc; and once they experienced it, they came to really believe and know that this world is really real.


Just like the physical world you have good characters and bad characters, so in the spiritual world you have good characters and bad characters. And unfortunately it’s much more easy to get into the group of the bad characters and line up with the bad characters than it is to get in line and group up with the good ones. So it’s the same thing in the spiritual world, and many people who have actually had a demonic attachment, infestation, things of this nature, when they tell you they sound like they’re totally crazy because of what has happened to them. But many of these things do go on and it’s very true.


I’ve seen, you know, all sorts of things that go on with people who are suffering through a demonic or an evil spirit that’s been attached or infested in them, and many people who have gone all over the world to get such demons or evil spirits removed from them and have been unable to and we’ve been able to remove those spirits, clear them of those spirits, get them protected, close off those portals and those doors for them, so I’m really happy about that. And it really does change someone’s life either way – from when you go from being totally clear to first getting the infestation, to being infested and then becoming clear again – each one really throws your world for a 360, really turns your world all the way around.


So, that’s what I wanna say about evil spirits, the movie, and if you’re into movies like that…it wasn’t that scary to me, but that’s because, you know, I know about these things, but other people that I know have seen it who don’t find most movies scary said that they found it pretty scary. So, they say that it’s based on a true account, a true story, and I don’t doubt it and it wasn’t a bad movie. So that’s my little review on that movie and at the same time getting to talk to you about evil spirits and demons and such.


So, until next time

keep the faith,

Papa Hector signing off.

God bless.