St. Barbara- Chango

las 21 divisiones sanse haitian vodou chango

St. Barbara is a very well known and popular Saint within the Afro Carribean traditions.  She can be seen all over the islands doing her powerful and magical work.

The feast day of St. Barbara is December 4th.

In Haitian Vodou, St. Barbara is seen as Mambo Lemiye.  The mother of the Nago Nation, or Nasyon Nago.  Here we find St. Barbara as the mother of the Ogous, the warriors.  And as a mother of warriors, you have to be a pretty strong woman yourself!    In Vodou, Mambo Lemiye walks on the shore.  She is a Mystery that works with both water and fire and is able to work in the Sea.

She is called upon for when seeking protection against fire, sickness and when one is struggling with enemies.  She can neutralize those that come to harm you.  We give her a cup and a sword so that she can work.

In the 21 Divisiones, or Las 21 Divisiones, St. Barbara serves to represent the Mystery or Misterio known as Chango.  As a warrior, we know that with Chango’s help we can overcome that which seems impossible.  Chango is the ruler over lightening and thunder and can protect us from these as well.   We can go to Chango when we are facing very strong opposition and can be sure that he will help us in our mission.

In Sanse, St. Barbara encompases a number of different Misterios and Sanses.

In my lineage we recognize St. Barbara as a number of different Misterios that work within that image.  We often say that St. Barbara spends six months as a male and six months as a female.  That is why we also say that St. Barbara protects those that are transgendered or cross dress.

chango sanse sance las 21 divisiones

We recognize that St. Barbara as a male is Chango.  And Chango is a spirit of protection, of magick and of wealth.  He can assist us in any battle as he is a very strong warrior.  For this purpose, we use the image of St. Barbara on a horse as seen above.  We will also frequently use the image of Chango Macho to represent this path or punto of St. Barbara.

chango sanse sance las 21 divisiones

Chango Macho

As a spirit of luck, wealth and prosperity, we often petition Chango Macho for help in business, employment and gambling luck.  A special punto of Chango Macho is prepared by Sancistas in a small wooden box to bring in luck and prosperity.

In her female form, we recognize her as Ezili Shango Pye.  She is a powerful warrior as usual, but is also able to assist us in attaining love and helping us with issues within our relationships.  She is called upon to bring in passion when a relationship is fizzling or dying out.

chango ezili shango pye las 21 divisones sanse

Ezili Shango Pye

Above, you will see the image that we use to represent Ezili Shango Pye.  In dreams, she often appear as an Indian woman, who has large round brown eyes, olive skin and wears a long white dress.  She wears a red mantle over this dress and often a crown.

In all of her aspects, she is served with the colors red and white.  She is fond of red apples, bananas, mangos and Papaya.  She also loves red flowers.

Que Viva Chango Senores!


Papa Hector


Spiritual Thoughts and Observances by Papa Hector




Lwa, Saints, Spirits, Misterios and Even God are here to guide and direct you. . . not control you. You either take their advice/direction or you don’t . . . . but as a result of your actions are the consequences. They are not here to live your life for you or to make everything a bed of roses all the time, they are here to help you, guide you, direct you but not control all aspects of your life. That is why God gave you free will.

So  many people think that when the Spirits speak, and they tell you what to do, one can pick and choose what to do. They want to pick the parts that they like, or are convenient, comfortable and easy, and not do the parts that they find hard, difficult, require work or effort. If that is the case, then you cannot blame the Spirit for the effects of your choices. For you are the cause of those effects.

You are in the driver’s seat in your life. It is you who controls what you are going to do and when . . . .it is you who makes the decisions. So stop blaming others when things go wrong, when things don’t go your way or don’t work out . . . you set the stage and the tone for what happens, it is no one’s fault but your own.

If you don’t want to change your life, no amount of spiritual work can change it for you. If you don’t want to improve yourself, no spirit can force you to do so. In life, you are dealt a set of cards (like in poker) some you can change out, others you can’t and you just have to deal with them and learn to work with them. Everything is not resolvable or can be made to how you want it, some things just are. Learning to accept this and work with it, is a sign of true spiritual growth . . . .

Many are quick to blame the Houngan/Mambo/Priest when they don’t get what they want or are not living life on cloud 9, but at the end of the day, the Priest can only help you, in the end, as I stated before . . . you are the one who makes the decisions and choices in your life, you are the driver. The Priest can only work with what you give him. If you give him lemons, he makes you lemonade . . . if you give him a limo, he gives you a limo service. . . .

Also. . . . . Priests, Houngans, Mambos, Awos, etc . . . they have lives of their own to lead and their own path to follow, also need to continue on their path of growth and evolution. That means that they cannot be there for you all the time, some things you must deal with on your own, they are not there to be used, abused, harassed and hounded with your issues, as if they have nothing else to do . . . if you really love your priest, you will give him/her time to have his/her own life. Especially since 95% of his/her time is dedicated to helping others. Giving him 5% to himself is the least you can do.

I believe all Spiritual People and people going on to be on the spiritual path should really read the Gospel According to Spiritism. . . . it will give you a firm foundation of Spiritual things, a great understanding and will help you when you go to seek spiritual help and clue you into the reality of what can be done and what cannot.

I have provided a free place where you can download books on Spiritism Here:

Free books on Spiritism.

Hope this Spiritual Knowledge has helped you in some way,

God Bless,

Papa Hector